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Tuesday, March 29, 2022 Adana Horse Racing Predictions


We don’t think the pace will pass very quickly in this run.

While there are a few names that are fast, they are not horses that are obsessed with leadership.

The horse we expect for today’s first move will be Man Of Heart #3.

It is a name that can win a race in such groups when race conditions are favorable and can be marked as the first horse on coupons.

Jacobin number 5 and Sin number 6 are names that still work well in such conditions. Under these conditions, coupons are essential.

If the race picks up a little early, Hilal Sultan number 7 and Angel Of Lucky number 4 are the names that will run a lot.

These horses in excellent shape should be added to the coupons just in case.

Finally, let’s write number 8 Doğukan. Pay attention to this horse and follow it. He comes prepared to Urfa. Its quality is not inferior to these competitors.

Doğukan number 8, whose work on the Urfa track is enough for the Adana race, can surprise in this race.

Our rankings for this race are 3, 5, 6, 7, 4 and 8.

2. FOOT:

Bordeaux n°1, only sprinter in the race.

It knows how to impose itself in this type of slow-paced race with its excellent resistance in a straight line.

Today he has achieved the conditions he likes.

There is not much difference in weight with its serious competitors.

Under these conditions, it will be a natural result to finish as it turned out.

It can be considered as an alternative bank.

For large coupons, we will only offer one surprise name next to this horse.

Let’s say that we hesitate a little on the Galata Tower number 5, which will leave with empty kilos.

Especially in the last period, his form has increased significantly.

We expected him to win a race soon.

Even if the group is a little strong today, it can appreciate the 8 kilos gap with its serious rival.

Galata Tower can be very effective in the end if it blocks Bordoblue due to distance.

Given this possibility, let’s write this run as 1 and 5 and skip it.

3. FOOT:

British 3 year olds, sales run 1 will be quite difficult.

Although dulad number 3 looks different from the group, his chances diminish as the pace of the race will be slow.

However, he should be written as a favorite in this group.

We expect a good race from number 8 Çolpanhatun. It will make the most of its empty weight.

If Miranbey’s number 4 does well and holds a place near the front, he will definitely be in the fight for the top spot.

Don’t neglect.

Racing Bull number 2 and Wild Wilderness number 5 will be the horses that will set the pace for the race.

We think at least one of them can stand in the straight line and hold off those horses.

Our rankings for this race are 3, 8, 4, 2 and 5.

4. FOOT:
Our favorite for this race will be Unzen #8, despite being 164 days old.

Unzen is a name that can do vigor runs well.

We don’t have any clear information on the form of the Thoroughbred, as he doesn’t seem to have a job.

However, we believe that in this fast-paced race, he will take the lead with the start and finish as soon as he can.

His serious rivals will be Doru Yiğit, number 7, and Tekkurşun, number 9, who will follow him closely.

These horses, whose general appearance is appreciated, can take the lead where unzen left off and fight for the first place among them.

Let’s also add the Lowland Eagle n°1 to the coupons despite its heavy weight.

With his weightlifting structure, he will assess the conditions in his favor.

As the race would not be fast, we would not give number 5 Tumbul Flower a chance despite the decent group.

However, in case there are a few names that speed up the race, let’s mark them on the coupons so it won’t be thought that we are sleeping with the favorite.

Our rankings for this race are 8, 7, 9, 1 and 5.

5. FOOT:

In the inaugural long distance race of 3-year-old female English colts, we will offer a bench.

In the first race of his life, Sefam Olsun, who rode like a master horse and successfully finished fourth, caught everyone’s attention.

If he had followed the race a little closer to the front, he could have achieved a much more successful result.

He is going to run a long distance today.

Because of his paddock, he has to cover a lot of long distances.

We think he will follow the race closely especially this time around.

That’s why they chose to start outside.

This colt, who has been excellent in his recent studies, is expected to take an easy first place alongside competitors who don’t know how to win.

We don’t know what the Agf rate will be, but it’s our net banking rate for the day.


With the choice of Muslim steel in the 3rd Iliad, he will certainly run a lot today.

Eshilal number 5 and Gözdesultan number 6 came as field proposals. They should be written with a very nice appearance.

Follow Gokgulu number 12. These days he is preparing a surprise.

Number 2 Gosha wears his last work on the pitch and can cut the penalty if left a bit empty up front.

Under the guidance of the master jockey, this will not be difficult to achieve.

Our rankings for this race are 3, 5, 6, 12 and 2.

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