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setter dog training It is a formation that must be known by the feeder. One of the favorites of innocent and well-meaning animal lovers, the Setter dog is one of the dogs that communicates very well with other pets. With their athletic physique and large ears, these dogs, with a very affectionate and friendly appearance, are dogs that have a strong attachment to their masters like other dogs. There are three types of Setter dogs:

  • english setter
  • Gordon Setter
  • Irish Setter

Among these species, the English Setter is widely recognized and known around the world.

History of the English Setter Dog

Setter dog training The history of the English Setter dog dates back to the 14th century.

Known as the English Setter but also known as the Developer, the English Setter, contrary to its name, comes from French rather than English. The English Setter was born in France and was brought to England from France and went down in history as an English with different names.

One of the hunter’s most loyal friends and one of the oldest setters in history, the English Setter is one of the most beloved bird hunters. The growing popularity of this breed dates back to the 18th century. They have been favored by humans as show dogs and hunting dogs since this century and are now classified as purebreds by the AKC. Our furry friends have been loved for centuries in their century long journey from the 14th century and still managed to become one of the most beloved dogs both in our country and in the world.

How to train a setter dog?

setter dog training You should know that the hotel breed dog is a very obedient and affectionate dog. Our freedom-loving furry friends are highly intelligent species. Because they love freedom, their education must continue with patience. Applying a rewarding method to the training process, which is approached with patience and understanding, will speed up the training and make the process easier for both the owner and the four-legged friend. Strict and persuasive training methods can negatively affect our good friends and even cause negative regrets in their minds.

The English Setter is very sensitive to birds due to its hunting instinct and tends to catch birds multiple times during training. For this reason, you need to be involved in the education process with patience and the right approach.

Setter Dog Trainings

As an intelligent variety, setters can be trained a lot. The main training courses we can offer are:

  • Potty training puppies

setter dog training One of the most important is toilet training. This is one of the most important trainings, especially for companion dogs. No one wants to deal with poor eyesight at home. But do not worry. Setter puppies are not dogs that can cause potty training problems for the caretaker or are difficult to train.

However, it should be noted that his liberal nature can be difficult for amateur dog owners. With an understanding and loving approach, you can take this training which provides lifetime convenience to the owner and yourself. One of the most effective methods for potty training dogs is the reward method. It’s important to get him to the point where he goes to the bathroom often during the day to make sure he’s meeting his needs.

setter dog training Perhaps the hardest thing about basic obedience training is that these guys really love their freedom. Therefore, there is a high probability that the garden will be dug several times. Obedience training is lower than other dogs. It is important that these dogs are kept on a leash and give the command to lie down, sit, stand, wait immediately after the start of training. However, you should continue to train in a soft, gentle environment rather than a harsh, aggressive environment.

The Importance of Setter Dog Training

Since you are just starting out, it is important to provide simple, clear, easy to understand and less tiring commands rather than complex commands. Of course, it is possible to reinforce them with reward foods and speed up the process. However, it should be remembered that the basic obedience training of the setter, like any animal, makes our foot mates feel who is boss and shows the attitude of Alpha. Otherwise, unfortunately, our dog will not care about you and can act alone.

You can benefit from the services of our expert trainers in canine education. Our company also offers dog boarding and dog training services.

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