Pınar Aydın – Once upon a time there was a problem called the Parliamentarian.

Once upon a time..

Once upon a time…every time…

Yes, there was a parliamentary system in Turkey at such a time.

Once upon a time, the government of the Republic of Turkey was a parliamentary system. In this system, there is hardly anyone who cannot be the Prime Minister and the President. The system is so dysfunctional!

Prime ministers beaten for gambling.

Ministers carrying documents from here to there..

Ministers and prime ministers, who keep journalists awake because they sleep during the day and hold meetings at night.

Games played at Cyprus gaming tables.

Activists who paid attention to the nation’s headscarf..

Houses destroyed by devaluation.

A whole Turkey that the interest lobby has siphoned off with the devaluation.

Who wants can make a coup d’etat, who wants, it’s paternity with the spokesman of peace.

If anyone sees these parliamentary idiots say “investment”, the centers of defamation would apply to the hawk bird and he would start singing. Post-modern post-hoop coupe.

Of course, this parliamentary system did not stop there. The system has not only favored the lobby of interests and only 5,000 wealthy. Like a ball of light, the pos gave birth to a modern burst of radiance. The parliamentary system, which wanders as pos pos and despises the nation while wandering, was of such modernity that its effect will last a thousand years.

They would bomb the writer, the person who drew it, and even the murder suspect wouldn’t be able to show up. If the head of the PKK was thrown, they would immediately be ambushed with two bombs, one of them.

The PKK would say, “I did it,” echo the incident, but the ministers could not be sure.

Supposedly, the so-called parliamentary system also fights against terrorism (!)

It was such a pathetic system that they even got the coordinates of the oil lamp they bombarded the PKK with from the United States.

In my opinion, these writings remain of the parliamentary system, which resembles a brand of cigarette.

You are obscure, aren’t you?

I was grateful to have written. I praised how we got out of this parliamentary system safely.

Turkey woke up from this story of chaos. He set his horizons. It revolutionized the industry and the defense industry and other fields. He took the stage against the new world order in foreign policy. In the parliamentary system, it was the opposite. The IMF functioned as our main bank. We gave our national values ​​in exchange for money. The securities of the nation were sold for money.

Now, a company among us earns the figures such as 6 to 9 million dollars that we received from the IMF.

We play diplomatic and strategic chess in order to protect our foreign policy borders and also to prevent World War II and to have our say in the new world order. So much so that when Ukraine is left alone, Ukrainian Prime Minister Zelensky takes refuge in the defense power of our country and begins his speech by saying “salamu aleyküm”.

As a result of the latest developments, Russian-Ukrainian negotiations began to be held in our country. Previously, Turkey was just a strait for them. Today, it is a competitive strategic country. For this reason, the opposition belittles our struggle by saying that you are playing faceless Ottomanism.

But he doesn’t know that the people have woken up!

When young people opened their eyes, there was Erdogan

We got rid of the parliamentary system, but the mentality of this parliamentary system put the parliament in front of us to run and beat the people again. Young people don’t know. Due to Turkey’s geopolitical position, the old system is a burial ground for us. They do not know..

When the children opened their eyes, Erdogan was there. They have not suffered one tenth of the financial and moral distress that we have suffered. They don’t shoot! They shouldn’t feel the pain we endured. May their horizons always be wide. Let them bring our developing and changing country just a few mouse clicks away. Those who want to shut down the defense industry and our domestic production should never believe the parliamentary tale. Let them see that countries governed by the parliamentary system will become dependent even on food.

Dear young people!

The experience is GUARANTEED in mind!

Listen to the experience!

You can bring your growing mental faculties to the age of technology beyond experience.

As long as you don’t believe in the parliamentary fairy tale!

Because, if those who put the parliamentary system back in our reputation were a good thing, we would be talking about the evolution of space systems, not the question of the road.

With greetings and prayers…

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