Hungry pit bulls at the Çanakkale Municipality Shelter have torn apart

CANAKKALE (UAV) – Canakkale The pit bull dogs at the municipality’s animal shelter, who reportedly starved themselves, set animal lovers in motion. These states of the dog whose stomach was pierced were recorded second by second by an animal lover.

CanakkaleMehmet Keskin, who went to the municipality shelter in , was shocked by what he saw. Keskin, who comes to the shelter a few times a week and feeds the animals, went to the section where the pit bulls are and saw that 2 of the 3 hungry pit bulls had been run over and eaten.

Mehmet Keskin, describing his horror-filled moments, said: “I came here yesterday as an animal lover. I always come here 1-2 times a week. I feed both street animals and shelter animals. the dogs here are hungry. I fed the other animals, then I went to the pit bulls. I saw 3 pit bulls eating badly one of them had a collar around his neck. They had to attack each other within 45 minutes. His stomach was open. The other ate them. I encountered a similar image. I applied to associations. They directed me to the gendarmerie. I filed a criminal complaint. Yesterday I saw 2 dead dogs. Now there’s another dead dog in the back. just saw it. 3 of them were alive and the dog was eating 2. If the animals are not going to be taken care of, they should hand it over to animal lovers or everyone should do their job properly. The animals are lost here, piece They eat each other,” he said.

After the footage spread on social media, the Çanakkale Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation. Animal situation monitoring teams from the Provincial Gendarmerie Command (HAYDİ) and Public Order came to the animal shelter and carried out the necessary examinations.

In the written statement made by the Directorate of Veterinary Affairs of Çanakkale Municipality on this subject; “There was reason to make a statement regarding the sad event that occurred at the care and rehabilitation center for stray animals in our municipality on March 27, 2022. With the amendment made on July 14, 2021 to Law No. 5199, 6 dogs were were defined as prohibited breeds, and the deadline for registering their owners was January 14, 2022. After this period, it was mandatory to keep dogs of prohibited breeds that could not be registered and that did not meet the conditions stipulated by law, in the shelters. In this context, our stray animal care and rehabilitation center belonging to the municipality of Çanakkale was also entrusted to our stray animal care and rehabilitation center of the central district, surrounding municipalities and other settlements. Center for care and rehabilitation of animals, we have special observation rooms for the sick and the animals that will be sterilized. The care of the finished was done mainly in individual cages. As the number of dogs of prohibited breeds increased and the observation rooms used for stray animals requiring treatment and other health needs were not sufficient, these animals were only included in the prohibited breeds section . He was not kept with other breeds of dogs. In this section, feeding, care and health checks are carried out regularly. These dogs of prohibited breeds have been living in this section for more than 2 months and no problems have been encountered. You should also know that unfortunately the dogs of the prohibited breeds in our shelter were bought by paying money on time, maybe they were made to fight, they were prone to become aggressive in bad conditions, in short, they were brought into this situation by human hands and registered by these people, who are also called their owners. These are dogs that do not fulfill their obligations under the law and are abandoned on the streets by their owners . We as Çanakkale Municipality have fulfilled our obligations such as sterilization, vaccination, treatment, nutrition and shelter so as not to leave these lives unattended, and we have not left them starving or exposed . The collection, care and other activities of stray animals belonging to prohibited breeds are carried out in coordination with the knowledge and supervision of the Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks. In order to investigate this sad event that happened yesterday, security camera recordings in our rehabilitation center and visualization of the area began to be reviewed.

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