Gürel Yurttaş, the man who knows the secrets of football, wrote. He explained what was happening behind closed doors in the Federation. Wrote developments that no one knew


They asked the camel;

– Why is your neck twisted?

He has answered;

– How true!

The same goes for our administration of the Football Federation. Can’t we do a positive thing since Nihat Özdemir took office, for God’s sake! On the contrary, they dirty everything that comes to hand! They can still sit in their place. Although, because they did not come of their own free will, they cannot rise from this seat of their own free will either! Hands tied, they just stare at the disgrace they have created.


Let’s start with the publishing offer. To the interminable call for publication tenders, which they made into an inextricable problem.

They prepared package after package. It’s like the mental nerve process! No, he will buy this bouquet, someone else will buy two bouquets, he will broadcast a channel on the weekend, someone else will do it on weekdays! Who thought of that? It is as if football were played in Turkey; people will quit their jobs and subscribe to many channels, fill their houses with boxes!

And when Saran’s odd offer comes along, wouldn’t they jump on him and take a break with current broadcaster, Beinsports, who made the highest bid? go; here, burn it!

Saran’s offer to turn publishers’ clubs, to put it briefly, appealed to him. They have never said; even in the union of clubs, these clubs will almost extinguish each other; How will their partnership be? How will it be explained in the broadcasts which club is right and which is wrong? How to comment? How will the matches be described? And Saran doesn’t want the actual package (!)! What about the actual packet if it receives them? Not knowing the answer to these questions, they jumped in head first. After all, they can’t get out of where they jumped.

From what I heard, Saran and Beinsports are in court. They have a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Apparently, Saran entered this company to increase the price of Beinsports!

At the latest news, there is another meeting for the call for tenders issued on April 4th. Almost Beinsports Federation “Come back, participate in the process, get the tender” she begged. Let me tell you what they are doing now; I didn’t know, they were waiting at the door. their apologies “Let’s ask the prince of Qatar, there was no response from the boss, we couldn’t reach him” it was fashioned.

Let’s see what will happen? I think that job will be left to Beinsports again. Neither the federation nor the clubs have a choice. Because it is wanted!

Have you seen what the formidable President Nihat Özdemir and his formidable administration have done even for this broadcasting tender! Sorry!


The national team, of which every Turkish citizen wants to be proud, has been like a wall of tears during this period of federation. Cry after every failure! As if we were guilty; The federation, the technical team, the players are so innocent!

The hungry chicken saw himself in the millet barn. We see ourselves among the giants before each tournament. We have such footballers, we have such a technical team, we have a great federation that distributes bonuses, but every time we come home, no team goes to the final.

Şenol Güneş, who we showed as one of the best coaches in the world ahead of the final after scoring zero at EURO 2020, is as if he took control of the team at gunpoint; We sent him hitting the ground. Nihat Özdemir and his federation had in any case found the culprit of the failure; We put it in front of the door.

What are you waiting for then? Isn’t he a talented teacher with a strong business card, experienced and able to adapt to Turkey? Certainly not! Since our federation knows this better than anyone, wouldn’t that pull a rabbit out of the hat of Stefan Kuntz, the coach of Germany’s junior national team, who has no experience at A-team level? ? I’m sure the man was surprised too, where did I get all this from? What happened? We are not in the World Cup final now. We have spent our lives waiting to make these finals, wait another 4 years with hope now! Maybe this time we could go! But you all saw the technical and tactical errors in Portugal’s last game, right?


Especially the sudden sacking of these 13 Super League referees overnight. Now that’s it! Also, the person who writes MHK President at the beginning of his name is making a statement. No, he didn’t put his hand under the stone, he also put his body or something like that!

Come on, don’t you know, don’t you ask someone who knows this job? Or if you explain it correctly, say, “Well, I didn’t know either, he made me do this job or something.” It was so obvious that this case would come back to arbitration. I asked the director of the Institute of Sports Law, lawyer Alpay Köse, and he said exactly the following:

“Here, the instruction regarding referees is very clear. It is not possible for more than 20% of referees to be downgraded or removed in one season. Since there are 28 referees in the Super League, it is not possible to drop more than 6 classifications. should cancel the operation.”

In the end, that’s what Köse said and the decision was overturned.

I ask but you can’t ask? Do the members of the arbitration board live in space? Do they suddenly teleport to a meeting with the federation? If only you had asked them! If you did not experience this disgrace.

Because of you, the league has become dodgy now, okay! Can a self-destructing federation be an MHK? It happened; So we saw that too!

There is no more reason to be in this profession. A nice guy, a nice guy, a smiling guy, a successful businessman! But it is certain that Nihat Özdemir does not understand anything about this job! In particular, the chairman of MHK and his boards. No need to believe it anymore. Resign and get rid of yourself, Turkish football too.

I am also addressing the final decision-maker, Mr. President. You have a lot of work, I see. But please get your hands on this work someday! Deliver us from this torment! Can Turkish football be condemned to such a federation any longer?

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