Çanakkale Purple Paw Association: The dogs ate each other in the shelter

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CANAKKALE- The Çanakkale Purple Paw association, with its social media post on March 27, posted images of dogs, called “prohibited breeds”, eating each other in the shelter of the Çanakkale municipality.

Çanakkale Purple Paw Association President Emine Akın said that an investigation has been opened by the Nature Conservation and National Parks Directorate and that as an association they will file a criminal complaint.


With the amendment to Law No. 5199 of July 14, 2021, six breeds of dogs were defined as “prohibited breeds”, and owners had until January 14 to register. At the end of this period, dogs belonging to “prohibited breeds”, which could not be registered and did not meet the conditions stipulated in the law, were obliged to be kept in shelters, and dogs with these conditions to Çanakkale were kept in the area of ​​the municipality used as a shelter. However, yesterday (Sunday March 27) images emerged of dogs eating each other in the shelter area of ​​Çanakkale Municipality. The images, which were detected and recorded by volunteers from the Çanakkale Purple Paw Association, sparked a reaction.

The incident came to light when volunteers from the Çanakkale Purple Paw Association visited the shelter.


Stating that the incident occurred in an area belonging to Çanakkale Municipality, above Çanakkale Cemetery and surrounded by a wire, where there are only huts, Emine Akın, Chairman of the Çanakkale Purple Paw association, said that an investigation had been opened by Nature. Directorate General of Conservation and National Parks, and that as an association he also said that they would file a complaint. Akın said, “Animals ate each other from starvation. It’s very clear in the pictures. We believe the incident happened at least two days ago, and it happened while our volunteer was going there. The images are images of horror and sadness. We will file a complaint. We are also in contact with the Solidarity Federation for Animal Rights, to which our association is affiliated, and legal proceedings will be initiated with them. As far as I know, the Department of Nature Conservation and National Parks has also opened an investigation,” he said.


Expressing that dogs described as “prohibited breeds” should not be together and in the same area, Akın said, “We immediately took action regarding the incident. We also informed the shelter. So that if he There is still an injured animal, at least it can be cured. There is great negligence on the part of the manager and staff of the Çanakkale Municipality shelter here. You cannot put all these aggressive animals in there. Maybe there were other events that we don’t know about. Maybe the number was even higher, we don’t know. This topic was discovered by one of our volunteers, who happened to be there and saw this view. Because it’s a little remote place, so it’s not an area that’s always visible. It’s not even a refuge. We learned that it’s It’s a place where animals are kept temporarily,” he said.


“We all criticize the municipality with this incident. Of course, it is the responsibility of the municipality,” Akın said, “but the main problem is the shelter manager and staff. Someone who doesn’t want to do their job, you can’t find their place, who doesn’t do their job properly. The problem here is not Mayor Ülgür Gökhan or Deputy Mayor İrfan Mutluay. They are on a mission there. However, the negligence of the staff they assigned brought it to this point. There were problems before, but the city administration preferred to support its staff,” he said.


Çanakkale Municipality, on the other hand, called the incident “sad” and confirmed it. In the statement made by the municipality, it was stated that the observation rooms were not sufficient, so the prohibited races were grouped in another area. In the statement of Çanakkale Municipality, it was stated that dogs with prohibited breed characteristics were brought to the stray animal care and rehabilitation center both from the central district and surrounding municipalities and other settlements. . In the statement, “In our Street Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center, we have special observation rooms for patients and animals that will be neutered. Prohibited breeds brought to our center were sterilized and vaccinated, and the management of those whose procedures were completed was carried out mainly in individual cages. As the number of dogs of prohibited breeds increased and the observation rooms used for stray animals requiring treatment and other health needs were not sufficient, these animals were included in the section where only prohibited breeds have been found. He was not kept with other dog breeds. In this section, feeding, care and health checks are carried out regularly.


In the municipality’s statement, it was stated that the recordings of cameras that viewed the area related to the incident have begun to be reviewed. The statement stated: “These prohibited breed dogs have been living in this section for over two months and there have been no problems. The collection, care and other activities of stray animals belonging to prohibited breeds are carried out in coordination with the knowledge and supervision of the Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks. In order to investigate this sad event that happened yesterday, the recordings of the security cameras of our rehabilitation center which monitored the area began to be examined.


Çanakkale Municipality said that dogs of prohibited breeds in the shelter were taken care of and that the municipality’s responsibilities were fulfilled, and said: “It is absolutely necessary to know that, unfortunately, dogs of prohibited breeds in our shelter were bought with money in time, perhaps they were earned by fighting.These are dogs that were made subject to aggression in bad conditions, briefly made so by human hands, and abandoned by their owners on the street, not fulfilling their obligations under the law, such as having them registered by these people, who are also called their owners, and sterilizing them. We as Çanakkale Municipality have fulfilled our obligations such as sterilization, vaccination, treatment, nutrition and shelter so as not to leave these lives unattended, and we have not left them hungry or the open air.

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