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2021.04.26 06:30


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After the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) ended the horse-drawn carriage practice on the islands, it adopted 100 horses which it purchased. The horses donated to Hatay Dörtyol Municipality from MHP disappeared despite their tokens. Allegations that the horses were sold to surrounding provinces or to Iraq were covered in the media.

“Is it possible to profit from horses and make a profit?” The question has been frequently debated. Considering the cost of 100 horsepower, it is possible. IMM paid for the animals it purchased from horse-drawn carriage drivers and did not victimize the operators. It turned out that the money paid per horse was 4000 TL. If we subtract a dead horse along the way from the price, the total value is 396,000 TL.

dairy horse price

It is possible to track horse sales from certain websites. They are amateur racehorses. It is available for 245,000 TL or 60,000 TL! Anything less falls into the “dairy horse” category. Since the horses are below the milkman’s horse class, the price is exactly the price that IMM gives to carriage drivers. But it is also possible to make the sale of a horse profitable in different ways.

396 thousand TL for horse, 891 thousand TL for meat

There are many companies that buy animals for meat. Horses are divided into 4 categories according to their weight. Light, medium, heavy and very heavy. Very heavy horses, usually racehorses. Horses from 400 to 600 kilograms of the “medium” class donated to the municipality of Dörtyol by IMM. If we take the average, it’s half a ton.

We are slowly getting to the boring side of the matter. Meat represents 60% of a cattle’s total weight. There are companies that buy horse meat for 30 TL per kilo. The cost of 99 horses in meat is approaching one million. 891 thousand TL in full account. In other words, it exceeds twice the possible price of mounted horses for sale.

Adana-Hatay line and MHP municipalities

There is an interesting point. Hatay or Adana is used for horse meat and for MHP members who legit horse meat. Year 2009… Deputy Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality and spokesman for MHP Group, Mustafa Tuncel, who said that “horse and donkey meat is good for heart disease and can be easily eaten” at Adana, was removed from his position when there were reactions. A month later, it was revealed that the company, which had won the tender for the food of the dormitories of the University of Çukurova, where nearly 3,000 university students are housed, used meat from horse and donkey.

He missed 99 horsepower all at once!

The municipality of Hatay Dörtyol claims that the person who took delivery of the horses missed the horses. 99 of them at once! Ferhat Erkin, the officer who took care of the animals, is among those arrested for his involvement in corruption against the municipality last Ramadan. The subject is to send an ‘imaginary Ramadan package’!

MHP Mayor Fadıl Keskin resigned from his post after the process. But unfortunately it happened. Profit was provided on souls! It would not be surprising for anyone if a municipality whose idea is to make an “organized” profit and which does not refrain from doing so illegally, wants to almost triple its profits!

horse bad luck

From this point of view, the fate of the horses becomes a little more understandable. The chips don’t give a signal anyway. The bad luck of the horses is another aspect of the problem. Carry the islands on your back for years, you’ll feel comfortable, but be ground meat! İBB declares that it will be more careful in every future cooperation process. But who would have thought of these things?

Is it possible to separate horse and donkey meat from other meats?

Public health is another dimension. Let’s also talk about the distinction between horse and donkey meat. Horse and donkey meat is dark red, veal is lighter red. Horse meat almost looks like liver, especially when it comes into contact with air. The fiber is very tough. This is also evident when chewed. The oil is more yellow. The taste is not noticeable.

Is horse meat halal?

Nihat Hatipoğlu refers to the religious aspect of the event, perhaps precisely because it is Ramadan. Is horse meat halal? The Diyanet says, “There is no clear evidence in the Qur’an and Sunna regarding the decision to eat horse meat. According to the preferred view transmitted by Abu Hanifa in the Hanafi school and an opinion of the Malikis, eating horse meat is tanzihan (almost halal) makruh. Let’s not get too carried away with this. Because when it comes to the alliance that “governs” Turkey, money comes before heart and faith!

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