Black cat and black insects FETOist – Elbistan Olay

Our subject is the so-called mstafa reporter, known as the black cat, and his The fathers of FETO friends. First, I would like to clarify a few things about myself.

This guy talks about me without a name in his article “The people of Elbistan call him ‘Journalist for sale’!” He published an article titled In his article, he called me a prostitute of a man, a slut, an ungrateful one. Then he slandered nonsense by giving names from Elbistan. No one can swear better than us.

According to the black cat, the owner of the company Metro Turizm in Elbistan said: “Kenan came to me and told me to feed my hungry stomach” It is slander.

I don’t know the man he’s talking about. I never seen him in my life. I didn’t even speak once. I don’t think that person said anything like that about me either.

You write something that doesn’t exist by making it up and slandering, then you call me a man’s prostitute. All of Elbistan should go ask this man if I asked such a thing. After that, who’s the bitch and who’s the ingrate to decide?


Friends, this man who always makes opposite news in all the news he writes, whether it is the AK party, Mahir Ünal or even the president. He receives money from an AK party municipality. In municipalities where he cannot receive money, he tries to blackmail even the smallest traffic accident in that province or district by linking them to the municipality. If you ever say stupid things to me again, like accepting a bribe or asking for money, I will publish the invoices you issued to the municipalities. After that you will go to court and cry because he publishes my personal data.

sitting on S400s registered traitor Emre Uslu from FETO and deciphering the martyrs of MIT Murat Ağırel, who was found guilty of treason Is this or what, they are also this man’s best friend. Look at the guys.


Friends, as bread prices rise all over Turkey, Elbistan Municipality continues to sell bread for 1 TL. From time to time there is a queue in front of the public bread. This subject is the first First, the traitor named Emre Uslu shares on Twitter as if selling cheap bread is a bad thing. When you can’t get enough of this sharing This time, the square cat reports to Mista. They still can’t get the efficiency they want, but they reveal their ranks.

Likewise, those who were martyred in Libya By deciphering both the graves of MİT officers and where their families live, they targeted terrorist organizations. Murat Ağırel is a so-called national journalist, but With the information he received from Emre Uslu and Mıstafa, he publishes absurd and slanderous articles about Elbistan Municipality. The traitor called Emre Uslu and his organization back and support Ağırel during the trial. HDP terrorists threaten the state so that Ağırel can be released in parliament. This is Emre Uslu, the man who sent instructions to organizing journalists in Elbistan and said to defame the state, defame Mahir Ünal and defend Bankasya. Who is the man’s prostitute now?

This is not enough, people from Elbistan who cannot get tenders from the municipality, whose rent is cut or whose illegal works are blocked by President Gürbüz, appear on the screens of these men and vomit their grudges.

The place you call my son Elbistan was a state then. You will know your limit. You will know your diameter.

Let Elbistan see these guys. You won’t be able to hide your own filth by keeping the economy on the agenda and attacking the institutions. These guys are traitors. Their only concern is to obtain rents from the municipalities. None of you care about them. They’re all using you to attack now. You think they are honest journalists. hey baby hey

I have already mentioned it. If you’re hungry, let’s fill your stomach. If you are poor, let’s get you dressed. Make your news, get your publicity, help yourself to municipalities. Deal and earn your money. Let the opposition speak. I do not care. But if you continue to defame public institutions and presidents by exceeding your limits while journalists stand in Elbistan, I will spoil everything you do. I will post all your bullshit. We know all types of journalism. I also know how you distort the smallest things and destroy them in institutions.

I don’t like to write. But if you do such stupid things again, I will dishonor you.

ultimately the black cat mstafa and his friends saz to the fetöists called Uslu and Ağırel “Cats Are Not Lions” by Norm Ender I present the song.

If our crew Criminal’s “air combat” I present to you the song named 😀

See you soon mstafa :*

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