Yağmur’s Dream – Filiz Özdem Book Summary, Subject and Review

Who is Rain’s Dream? Who is the author of Rain’s Dream? What is the subject and main idea of ​​Yağmur’s Dream? What is the book Rain’s Dream about? Rain’s Dream PDF Download Link? Who is Filiz Özdem, the author of the book Yağmur’s Dream? Here is the Yağmur’s Dream book summary, lyrics, comments and review…

book label

Writer: Filiz Ozdem

Editor: Yapi Kredi Publications

ISBN: 9789750829352

Number of pages: 36

What does Yağmur’s dream mean? Topic, main idea, summary

Children’s sleep is the most beautiful country in the world…

A new story by Filiz Özdem, the author of books children love to read: Yağmur’s Dream.

Filiz Özdem, who focuses on concepts such as loyalty, love, friendship as well as death, separation and loneliness in his stories and opens up new windows into life for little readers, goes beyond beyond the land of dreams with the drawings of Ayşe İnan Alican in Yağmur’s Dream.

Phosphorous lakes, goldfish, beautiful bellflower, mysterious oak, magic castle; fall, fly, run, be surprised… and of course, mum’s voice!

Children’s sleep is the most beautiful country in the world.

Would you be invited to Yağmur’s Dream?

Rain Dream Quotes – Lyrics

  • I have traveled a lot in my dreams at night. I have nothing left. I’m exhausted.

Rain’s Dream Review – Personal Opinions

It was a beautiful book about Yağmur’s magical dream. It is unmistakably similar to Alice in Wonderland. However, I can say that the unique illustrations in the book made it a bit more original. His illustrations are really beautiful 🙂 Today, even fairy tales are written with great concern for the message. Since my childhood, I have always been interested in flowing magic phrases. This book gives you that. I’m sure many kids will love it. The English edition of the book is also called “Jasmine’s Dream”. When I read the book, I remembered how long it had been since I had dreams like this. I saw him a lot when I was a kid. I think the following sentence on the back cover sums it up: “Children’s sleep is the most beautiful place in the world…” (Zeynep Secil)

The wonderful drawing of Ayşe İnan Alican and the wonderful imagination of Filiz Özdem met in this book to take us away from ourselves. While the story of the drawings is enough to take the child into a completely different imaginary world, the texts have reinforced it so much that a wonderful book has been born. (Ah Cam Year)

Rain’s Dream PDF Download Link?

One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the Filiz Özdem – Yağmur’s Dream book is the Yağmur’un Dream PDF link. Most paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, illegally downloading and using these PDF files is both illegal and immoral. If the PDF is sold on the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is Filiz Özdem, the author of the book?

Filiz Özdem (Istanbul, July 19, 1965) After graduating from Italian high school, she graduated from IU Faculty of Letters, Philosophy Department, and continued her graduate program in the same department. His poems, articles, interpretive art texts and translations have been published in various magazines and newspapers. He has prepared city monographs on Urfa, Balıkesir, Mersin, Mardin, Kars, Istanbul, Maraş, Denizli and Çanakkale. He has translated various books by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Luigi Malerba, Italo Calvino, Edmondo de Amicis and Carlo Collodi. Her poetry book, Saydam and the Spectator (1999), was published by Maltepe Art Gallery Publications. His novels Fear is My Owner (2007), Dream Cardigan (2009), Lie Sutures (2010), Dream Waiting Man (2012) and several of his books in the field of children’s literature have been published by YKY.

Filiz Ozdem Books – His Works

  • dreaming man
  • love walks unknown
  • dream cardigan
  • Mansion full of secrets
  • The fear is mine
  • The dream of the rain
  • One Thousand and One Legends of the Earth
  • From ear to ear
  • Utku’s Pen
  • Whispers of the Mysterious Friend
  • The cat chasing the rainbow
  • Animal Kingdom for Bookworms
  • Surahs of Lies
  • The world in the world
  • What the sparrow said to the sea
  • Dragons, Demons, Ghouls and Phrase Beast
  • Well of Hidden Memories
  • So where now?
  • welcome
  • What do the birds tell us?
  • Zeynep
  • Zenzen with Rosros
  • If the rabbit takes offense at the mountain, if the tortoise runs
  • Giraffe phase
  • The Unexpected Adventures of Efe
  • simay
  • Flea’s Quilt Ant’s Dream
  • dream forest
  • The starling who has not lost hope
  • I watch the world
  • gift of happiness
  • If the cat had wings
  • If I say donkey, get out, if I say goat, run
  • The journey of milk
  • Owl and shepherd’s star
  • His name is Bobik
  • Istanbul, Sultan of the lands and seas (2 volumes)
  • Kitapcan’s wing flapping
  • Maraş Mountains Gazeli
  • Loves, wars, heroes and Çanakkale
  • Aydin Guzelhisar

Filiz Ozdem Quotes – Lyrics

  • “I didn’t understand. But I loved my mother very much. After all, she was a lighthouse. And the headlights were obvious even in the dark.” (Well of Hidden Memories)
  • To die with a click comes from a place you’ve never known… Or to be born with a click comes from a place you’ve never known. (The fear is mine)
  • In every darkness there is a light that burns. But now you just can’t see because you’re far away. Keep walking, don’t close your eyes, it will definitely show itself to you. (Well of Hidden Memories)
  • You think you are an adult the moment you live. However, over the years, as one looks at the frames in the photographic chamber of memory, the nose hurts and fills with compassion for life and for oneself. Turns out we were always kids. (love walks unknown)
  • While the young slept, their dogs nibbled on them, turning them from side to side each day, preventing them from rotting. (One Thousand and One Legends of the Earth)
  • The child has no father, there is a mansion, one day he enters, he sees an old man, the man is not dead, the child buys him his house and then a man whose mother is her neighbor and the woman marries the man in the mansion (Mansion full of secrets)
  • And he who falls gets up again. (The fear is mine)
  • Dreams make people taller. Dream lots of dreams! (One Thousand and One Legends of the Earth)
  • Have you ever thought about what the sea says to the pier? What did he say to the pier, not to a pearl or an island or a cliff? (What the sparrow said to the sea)
  • Everyone has secrets that they keep like a precious jewel. (dreaming man)
  • Maybe it’s not a deep well called the soul that stretches down to the black bottom; It was a self-contained spiral shaft that branched off in all directions, dividing into many large and small roads, and following intricate labyrinth-like paths, vertically, obliquely, circularly, horizontally, and intricately. (love walks unknown)
  • It is the greatest harm done to us that souls are so free. What punishment is this? What can only be a punishment for blowing dreams, thoughts, unlimited dreams into such a limited and inadequate container, these bodies? What do those who cannot get rid of dreams do? If we are so finite, we are limited, why do dreams continue to sink into our flesh and our memory? (The fear is mine)
  • Solitude both drives my lips mad and opens its doors like a magnificent palace whose invitation I cannot ignore. I know that once you have entered one of these doors, there is no way out. (The fear is mine)
  • Does the tree carry the hope and the awareness that spring will come and that it will give new buds? I wonder if she can stand up to him? Is that why she supports her nudity? (The fear is mine)
  • You know, I don’t like yellow flowers at all, the color of betrayal is yellow… (dream cardigan)
  • With the death of my mother, I painfully learned that anyone whose mother was alive was a child. I haven’t been a kid for long. (Surahs of Lies)
  • What can faith do in a person’s life! (One Thousand and One Legends of the Earth)
  • “When you write, the real person captures you. They bind your hands. They restrict your freedom. Inventing it is the greatest freedom!” (Well of Hidden Memories)
  • I am a letter that God held in his hand as he gazed absently out at the universe from his window, which he struggled to read, then fell silently into eternity. (Surahs of Lies)
  • Seeing people grow old would arouse in me a strange feeling of compassion, and a feeling of longing that I could not express would hurt me… (dreaming man)

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