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The reactions to the two stories we told in the book “Psychological Stories” by Ayşen İnci are positive. It also suits me, who thinks of a corner of the market that is both pleasant and attractive for almost the whole family. So here’s another one…


I settled in the narrow streets of Kurtuluş. It had been a few months since I was born and I wandered the streets alone, helpless. After a long search, I decided to settle in this street where there are people who pour me food and water, give us food and water, chat with us as they pass and stroke our heads from time to time.
with a grocery store Ahmet Uncle, guitar sound spilling out of windows Toga, to live alone Maid Aunty, never feed us nonstop Sister Nilgun. this street They were the most important factor in my choice. We were living with confidence that a bond had formed between us and our love for each other, when something unexpected happened.
One morning I was about to say hello to the day stretching with joy, when I saw the face leaning over to put food in my bowl, I got goosebumps from fear. A face that stares at me with only its eyes visible, a mask in its mouth that covers half of its face. I forgot to close my mouth, yawning in surprise, as my eyes widened in fear, a voice sounded from behind the mask.
“Don’t you recognize me son?”
Big brother Tolga this. How? ‘Or’ What I do not know! both his voice and the guitar he played until late your voice overflowing from the window I appreciate. I pull myself together right away a confused thank you The meow burst from my lips. Full get up and eat my food I was put in the grocery store ready to open Uncle Ahmet’of that he hid half of his face I saw. He did something wrong, maybe they must have committed a great crime so that they are not recognized they were hiding.
I wanted to be wrong. Because I like both. These are not people who will commit crimes, but it is obvious! “People are shocked.” I don’t know what this word means. Maid Tata neighbor at the door Saleh Tata I heard you talking to him. The beloved cashier, with a gentleman’s face, of the bank, from which they received their pension, stole money. Aunt Maide talks about it “The man is shocked” he said. I think this word also applies to Tolga Ağabey and Ahmet Uncle. I said it even though it didn’t fit. I like to talk bigger than my size.
Maide auntie and Saliha auntie know everything about the neighborhood. I will not leave their tail. I don’t know why they say that, people don’t have a tail! Best of all, I won’t take my tail off them to find out what crime Uncle Ahmet and Tolga Brother have committed.
Recently, Nilgün Abla was talking to Tolga Ağabey. “Your neighbourhood paparazzi” he said, they laughed too much for them too. Tolga Big Brother laughed a lot, but he didn’t realize that Nilgün Abla’s eyes looking at him were smiling more, or he didn’t seem to notice. Because he has a girlfriend. hazelnut First name. I know that human and animal tastes are different. For humans, a white cat is beautiful. While I find them very pale, colorless. So, spotted cats look attractive to me.
In short, let’s not go any further, Hazal was a girl whose beauty was indisputable for both sexes. Tolga Big Brother was crazy about him. Nilgün Abla’s face was suspended whenever she saw them. Maybe she wasn’t as beautiful as Hazal, but I liked her black eyes more than Hazal’s bright, glassy blue eyes.
Uncle Ahmet opened the doors of the shop and poured a prepared bucket of water outside the door. I, on the other hand, was huddled in a corner, waiting for what was to come, when I suddenly removed my bump and pricked up my ears and hid behind the nearest tree.
On the street, a group of boys and girls with masks covering their faces arrived, talking excitedly. I was looking at half of my face sticking out the side of the tree when I received the most striking blow at that moment.
Aunt Maide, shouldn’t sweet and chubby Aunt Maide go out with a mask that covers half her face?
My God, in what kind of street did I fall, among whom? I didn’t know I was living in a gang of criminals! I wouldn’t have expected anything from Aunt Maide.
“You’re surprised too” I said to myself.
Aunt Maide quickly entered the grocery store. So I rushed after him, hiding in the doorway and listening. Aunt Maide came in and greeted Uncle Ahmet with a sigh. “We have an epidemic was missing!” said Uncle Ahmet. “Things are tough anyway. If it goes like this We’re swallowing the pill.”
“Don’t ask about our boy’s work either. How many people did they take, she’s scared for it to be his turn” he was worried Aunt Maide. Then put your mask on your chin lowered it.
“It also makes me very depressed, but I can’t get it out of my fear, so much There is a penalty.” Huge boobs when you take a deep breath ascend and descend.
Aaa, she wore a mask but didn’t forget to paint her lips too! The crimson lipstick is a bit smudged from the mask on her chin, but whatever. At least he’s innocent! Him too, uncle Ahmet, big brother Tolga!
An indescribable peace spreads over me. Being right about those people I love boosts my confidence in my cat instincts. After that, things moved quickly.
Now, when I saw the masked people, I no longer felt strange or scared. One day, Tolga Brother took me home while he was kissing me. “From now on here Would you like to live with me?” he asked, rubbing his nose against mine.
What should I say? A big meow from the bottom of my heart!
Meanwhile, curfews were imposed on certain days.
One of these days, Hazal decided to spend this epidemic period with Tolga. There was nothing to say to Tolga’s delight. I was sitting in the corner licking my hair when his gaze met mine.
“What’s his name ?” she asked. Oh ok ! volume “My son” he said just and on earth Hazal’There was no other name for him.
Tolga Brother shrugged. Hazal was fired immediately.
“A name to remember these days let’s say Is this a pandemic?” he said laughing. Laughing at Tolga’s big brother she kissed him.
So step Pandemic it happened.
It was a little difficult for me to get used to it at first. As soon as I heard my name while I was dozing off, I jumped. I was watching that they were calling me from the TV. At first I was very surprised that everyone knew me, then I got a bit airy. Once again, when I heard my name, I ran, but what I heard surprised me. The death toll has increased because of me.
May Allah protect us from dry slander! I didn’t kill anyone. It is definitely the slander of these two cats who are jealous of me. Brother Tolga took me to his house, they can’t shoot. I looked at Brother Tolga bitterly, to protect myself.
Luckily, it wasn’t hard for me to learn the facts and my name actually wasn’t very funny. Hazal confused, did you find me that name? And Tolga Abi? Would a beautiful, sweet cat like me ever be named Pandemic? As soon as I hear my name on TV, I’m empty and I prick up my ears again, but I don’t get angry anymore.
The days with Hazal were very pleasant. It was very ornate, Hazal.
He was walking around the house, spreading good smells, but he was just walking around. Tolga prepared meals for him, feeding him in his mouth like a child. At night, he would buy two glasses of drink and play guitar in the candlelit room.
He came home very unhappy one evening. His workplace granted him unpaid leave. Hazal consoled her lover. So I crawled lovingly on her legs, but I guess it didn’t quite work out. He carefully prepared the food and they ate in silence. After that day, Tolga Brother did not return to his pleasant old self. He went to bed late and slept until noon. There was even a day when he forgot to fill my stomach. I could understand his condition.
I guess there was no one else in the house who understood him but me. Hazal watched TV all day, painting her nails and was lazy. As he walked around in his short shorts, Tolga Brother no longer looked at his beautiful legs like before. One afternoon when he woke up, he found him watching TV, Tolga Brother. Hazal was watching something ridiculous like my fiancée fainting and my mother-in-law was sobering up, excitedly. In a dizzy voice without taking your eyes off the screen “Ashkitom, what are we going to eat?” he asked timidly.
Tolga Brother was silent for a moment. Later “This someday until i watch stupid things let’s eat something from your hand is not it ?” she asked.
Whoops! There was such an electric air in the air that even the hairs on the tip of my cock stood on end.
Hazal looked at him raising his eyebrows like a bow.
“My love, to cook I guess you forgot that I don’t know. anyway I eat like a bird because of the diet. Are two bites too much to do? come to you?”
Tolga Brother quietly entered the kitchen. dirty dishes something after pushing it aside started to prepare.
The rest came like a torn sock. Tolga Big Brother sleeps more, Hazal adorns himself less. The debates that replaced the sound of the guitar increased, the admiration in Tolga’s eyes looking at him decreased.
Veee… It’s finally over. Hazal left gathering his things. Tolga did not object. That evening, the doorbell rang. Sister Nilgun smiling with a large tray in hand was standing.
“I brought you food” noted. “A let me know if you need Is it possible? If I don’t, I’ll be offended.”
Without further ado, he dropped the tray and left.
What happened next ? Tray purchases continued, of course. After a while the meals were eaten together. Tolga started playing the guitar again. When the curfew was imposed on those over 65, the real ages of Maide and Aunt Saliha were revealed. aunt maiden, “I have yet to reach 65 but I didn’t find my life on the streets, I still won’t go” When he said that, everyone seemed to believe him. She never neglected to apply her lipstick whenever she called Uncle Ahmet from the balcony.



Server: What else can I bring to this beautiful couple?
Girl: Yoo yooo!.. We’re just friends.
A young man: Please bring the accounts. Separately..
Girl: What did you say? I do not understand..
A young man: Plus he drank three Cokes, I was a.. Don’t forget..



Abhonesto virus bonum nihil deterrence!
Nothing can divert a good man from the path of honor!

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