Horse therapy for children with Down syndrome

Kutluay Şenel, who was impressed by the love of horse riding of children with Down syndrome, founded a sports club together with his wife, where healthy and special children aged 3-6 can learn horse riding. Senel, impressed by the expression of happiness of a child with Down syndrome, whom he rides on his horse, which he keeps as a hobby, hugging his neck, has the happiness of teaching children to ride horses with his wife Emine Elçin Şenel in the riding club he founded after quitting his job. At the Çayyolu club, horse health care, grooming, hoof care, massage therapy and injury muscle exercises and beauty treatments are also provided. ( Binnur Ege Gurun – Anadolu Agency )

He rode horses, which he kept as a hobby. with down syndrome touched by a child expressing his happiness by hugging his neck Kutluay Senelhis wife in the equestrian club he founded after quitting his job. Emine Elcin Senel He is happy to teach children to ride horses with games.

At the Çayyolu club, both adults and children ride horses of German, English, Dutch and Anatolian breeds.

Giving statements to the AA correspondent, Şenel said that they have 6 horses in the club which they opened to make children love horses, and the horses receive special training separately so that children can learn horse riding. riding in a healthy way.

Expressing that he was very impressed with the rehabilitation of special children by horses, Şenel said, “One day when I was riding a child with Down syndrome, he was very happy and hugged me. made me very emotional. I felt like I had to do something about it. I said, ‘I have to do it’ under that responsibility. I created the club.” noted.

Emphasizing that she is happy to be a horse trainer for children, Şenel said that children in horse riding rehabilitation reported that he did.

Expressing that he wants to advance his work on horses over time, Şenel said:

“If I have the chance, I would like to organize a beauty pageant for horses. Because there is a lot of interest in horses. There is an incredible devotion to horses in the genes of the nation Turkish. Therefore, a lot of attention will be People should go out into nature and communicate with other creatures when they have the opportunity. They spend time with animals. We need to experience beauty.

Wife Emine Elçin Şenel said she was very impressed with the sense of well-being of disabled children with horseback hippotherapy.

Şenel said he saw the horses his wife used to treat as a hobby to treat children now.

hippotherapy Our doctor comes here with his team. They make the children do movements on the horses to activate their muscles. As a result of the therapies, we completely see the progress in the children. Children who have difficulty using their muscles are now able to use their muscles completely. We observe them in person. This is something that makes us very happy. Children in good health and in a particular condition are incredibly happy on horses.”

Noting that they teach children to ride horses with fun with special horses, Şenel said that horses instill self-confidence in children.

Şenel explained that they give basic riding training to children up to the age of 5 and said:

“We offer riding courses in the playground, from the age of 3, accompanied by games on the horses. This has further increased the children’s interest in horses. children on horseback they hit the balls in the fields with their clubs in order to stay balanced. In this way, children acquire the habit of balance. Therefore, they learn to lie down, lean left and right, keep their balance and press the stirrup.

After a while, they learned basic training. Then, from the age of 5 and a half, different training sessions are launched. As a result of training, children can handle a horse of at least 300 kg. It is a great confidence. Most importantly, children learn a love of animals and they appreciate it.”

Yagmur Denli, the vet tech who takes care of the horses’ health, explained that they do grooming, nail care, massage therapy to prevent hair loss, and muscle exercises for injury, and said that they did not neglect routine beauty care in horses as in humans.

Emphasizing that people want the horses they ride to be clean and healthy, Denli said: “Actually they are like people, the better they are cared for, the happier they are and they want to be with more people. . important for both animals and humans. Horses are a bit more involved in these issues. They are sensitive. Being scanned and being pretty affects their psychology and how people see them. used expressions.

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