All pets will be microchipped.

Mustafa Yel, Chairman of the Animal Rights Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkeyannounced that the 36-article Animal Rights Bill they have prepared will be submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) within two months.

According to news from Umut Erdem from Hürriyet, Yel gave the following details about the offer:

We are animal lovers: We presented the proposal to our group leaders. They are currently reviewing my work. Hopefully it will be presented to our Agricultural Forestry Commission in February and then discussed at the General Assembly. It will be out in two months at the latest. Whatever’s in the report, I’ve made it into law. We’ve suggested solutions that can also make pet lovers happy. The first round of work is over, the match is not over yet. The first round was important. We are animal lovers, we feel their suffering in our souls.

It was like breaking the cup: What mattered most to me was the identification of animals as living beings. Current law defines it as a commodity. Any damage you do to this mug is punished by the same logic as we do to any cat or dog. Crimes against animals will be prosecuted in accordance with the Turkish Penal Code. There will be different forms of punishment for those who torture and mistreat animals. For example, the amount of the penalty will be increased once again for those who kill an endangered animal or commit acts of violence. We recommend a minimum of two years and an undeferred, non-monetary sentence for mistreatment. We will chip the animals of the house. Those who leave them on the street will be fined up to 10,000 TL.

The phaeton decision: I am not in favor of the complete removal of the phaeton. There are also good examples in this regard. It can be used in some areas, as long as it takes place on a flat surface. Let’s give the Provincial Animal Rights Council a task on this issue. They can be banned if they wish. This is permitted provided there is no violation. These committees have become committees that work on paper. We want them to be dynamic councils. Let the governor preside. There must be bar lawyers and representatives of non-governmental organizations.

Heads responsible for the offences: We refer to article 14 of the municipal law as “the main duties of municipalities” for the protection of animals. It should be the first duty of municipalities to take the necessary measures for animal rights. Mayors who fail to fulfill this essential duty must also be tried in accordance with the law on the trial of public officials. We sue for negligence or wrongdoing. Like it or not, one of the main duties of the municipality is to eliminate animal rights violations within its borders.
Petroleum-derived fertilizers are toxic: When petroleum-derived fertilizers remain in the fields for a long time, birds such as partridges and pheasants mistake them for food, eat them and become poisoned. The poison is also transmitted to other predators that eat these birds. It negatively affects all animals like a chain reaction. It causes great damage to nature.

Surveillance at animal facilities: If a dog breaks a stone in pet stores, it stays for a month. After being sold, many dogs end up in cages or confined spaces. No one argues after that. They are chained. No one says anything about it, but everyone blindly says “It shouldn’t be sold in pet stores”. Pet stores are also places that animal lovers visit. We warn if there is abuse. When control is increased, this work becomes orderly. Pet shops are the first way to include animals in the system. Animal lovers say “take it from shelters”. Such a world does not exist. These charges are false.

Pit Bull License: No dog is inherently aggressive. It has the potential to cause damage when you train it poorly. We must impose responsibility on the owner of animals of prohibited breeds. Just as we don’t give weapons to anyone who comes before us, we can’t give this one either. After going through the report of the health committee and the psychotechnical analysis, we will understand if he deserves to receive this license. It will be checked whether he has a criminal record or not. Just as we don’t give the gun, we won’t give the dog. After you give it away, it will be under control. We will penalize the owner if there is a problem. Prohibited races have always increased. Its production and sale are prohibited under normal conditions. But everywhere is full of Pitbull, Dogo Argentino. We want to pave the way for those who want to watch with good intentions.

Birds service station: Turkey is in a very important region when it comes to migrating animals. The route of many migratory birds traveling from Europe to Africa passes through Turkey. There are five very important migratory routes in the world. Both are in Turkey. Above all, we want the wetlands not to be dried up on this road, and to revive them if they have been dried up. We impose a prison sentence for any intervention in the reeds. The service station of the birds is also these wetlands. These wetlands must be saved. At the same time, we wanted a new area to be built. 1 million storks pass over Istanbul during their autumn migration. Their nocturnal resting places are in the Kumburgaz and Güzelce regions. We wrote that an area of ​​500 decares should be expropriated in this region and a reed and a wetland should be built. The prestige of Turkey in the world will increase. Wetlands have been devalued, discredited and seen as a malaria control zone. Wetlands should be increased.

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