16 most common diseases in cats!

Common diseases in cats

Cats are small pets. They are domesticated carnivorous mammals. People keep cats as companions and hunt various pests and vermin at home. Cats are classified according to their abilities. These beautiful friends that we nurture in our homes can be exposed to various diseases. By feeding them, we should also have information about their illnesses. The love of cats is a passion and since we cannot give up this passion, we should know everything about them. Because some of their diseases can be transmitted to us.

Here are the most common types of diseases in cats;

1. flu

The flu is contagious to all living things, and if there is more than one cat in the same environment, the most common feline illness is the common cold. Just like our children, we need to watch out for their colds.

2. Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections are more common in male cats. It is one of the most common ailments in cats. Animals have difficulty urinating and their urine is bloody. You have to show it to the vet.

3. Stomach infection

It is one of the most common diseases in cats. This disease is usually transmitted to cats through food. It is caused by various viruses found in food. When buying food, one should choose products of known quality.

4. Kidney diseases

Kidney disease in cats is often associated with urinary tract infections. It is one of the most common diseases encountered by cats. The weakening of the immune system of cats consists of various foods.

5. Abscess disease

Abscess disease is mostly seen in stray cats and cats outside the home. It is a disease that takes time to heal due to the clean conditions of the environment. It is a condition that requires urgent treatment.

6. Diabetes

This is one of the diseases that have begun to be observed in cats in recent years. If cats want to drink a lot of water and they drink a lot of water, it can be a sign of diabetes. It is revealed by the blood values ​​of cats. It can be seen with a weakening of the immune system.

7. Eye diseases

Conjunctivitis is one of the most common eye diseases in cats, which is usually caused by various viruses.

8. Inflammation of the ear canal

Ear infections are among the most common ailments in cats. Inflammation of the ear canal is transmitted by various viruses and is a type of disease that develops due to microorganisms.

9. Fungal Disease

Fungal infections, a skin disease, are a common condition in cats as well as all living things. Veterinary control is important as there is a risk of spread if left untreated. Fungal diseases in cats attract the most attention with itching. Fungal diseases are usually seen on the head, neck, lower ears and legs and can be seen as excessive itching and regional shedding. Regional hair loss is generally considered a cause of fungal diseases. In areas with fungus, the peeling and pink spots can be seen as circular. Fungal disease is a disease that can be transmitted from cats to humans. At the first symptoms, it must be treated immediately. Particular attention should be paid if there are children at home.

10. Hyperthyroid disease

This disease, which causes rapid weight loss in cats, is one of the most common diseases in cats.

11. Inflammation of the large intestine

Colon ailments are caused by the foods cats eat and viruses in the food. We must be careful not to give healthy food to cats.

12. Excretion

Hair loss is one of the diseases we see in cats that bothers us in our homes. Shedding occurs as a result of various diseases and viruses. Cat food should be carefully selected and the foods the cat eats should be monitored. Various illnesses, stressful situations, irregular hair care, certain hormonal changes and poor diet can be considered as the causes of shedding in cats.

13. Depression

As with humans, one of the most common illnesses in cats is depression, which is a psychological disorder. It is a disease that is more likely to be seen in cats after mating and birth. Depression in cats results in shyness, fear, constant running away, high body temperature, behavioral problems, loss of appetite and the need to hide.

14. Slime Disease

Saliva disease, which is one of the most common diseases in cats, is caused by other diseases and viruses. The condition of the saliva can cause the transmission of various diseases to other animals in the same environment. In cats, the smell of food, hot weather and excitement cause increased saliva production. Among the factors that cause salivation are factors such as discomfort in the oral mucosa, gum problems, tooth decay, insect bites, ingestion or inhalation of chemical substances, the presence of foreign bodies in the esophagus, loss of chewing and swallowing due to various ailments and nausea. .

15. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common disease in all living things, and it is also a common disease in cats. It is usually caused by food products. It is defined as a disease caused by various infections and foods and its treatment is carried out accordingly.

16. Vomiting

Vomiting disorders in cats are among the seasonal diseases. It is often seen in cats. Vomiting in cats can develop for two reasons. First, it causes nausea, as it constantly licks its feathers and swallows it while licking. Ingested feathers are rejected by vomiting. The second reason is the occurrence of vomiting as a result of various ailments.

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