When his name was removed from the university, backlash poured in: “What’s wrong with Karl Marx?”

Marx was one of more than a dozen important historical figures whose names are engraved in various halls of university study. However, the famous thinker’s nameplate was completely removed after university training Campus Reform reported that studying Marx had caused outrage among students. An article previously found under Marx’s nameplate referred to Marx as the founder of scientific socialism and a widely recognized “philosopher, radical economist and revolutionary critic”.

Marx is probably best known for his 1848 work, The Communist Manifesto, which he co-authored with Friedrich Engels and argued that socialism would eventually replace capitalism.


“Given current events in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world, we have decided it is appropriate to remove the name Karl Marx, which was given to a group of study halls at the University of Florida in 2014” , University of Florida spokesman Steve Orlando told Newsweek. .


He added that the names of the other study halls had not been removed and no new names had been added to replace Marx. Almost eight years later, Marx’s decision to remove the nameplate has drawn backlash, especially on Twitter. “The University of Florida has decided to rename the Karl Marx Reading Room in one of the libraries due to the Ukrainian occupation… What kind of ‘higher education’ is going on here,” tweeted an user.

According to Milliyet News, another user wrote, “University of Florida removed Communist Manifesto author Karl Marx from their library. They claimed the decision was made in response to the Russian invasion of the “Ukraine. What’s wrong with Marx? He was German and Russian. It wasn’t even remotely related. It wasn’t. Aren’t Americans illiterate?”

Russian and Belarusian skaters banned

The International Skating Union (ISU) has suspended Russian and Belarusian skaters from participating in all international ice skating competitions following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In a statement from the ISU, it was stated that skaters will be banned from participating in ISU Championships and other events.


The International Federation of Cats (FIFe) decided to sanction Russian cats after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The decisions taken are as follows: “No cat bred in Russia will be registered in any pedigree outside of Russia. Cats of exhibitors living in Russia are banned from FIFe fairs in all countries”.


European countries, which suppressed university registrations for Russian students studying in Europe, banned the famous 19th century Russian writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky from being taught in universities.


Haas, one of the Formula 1 teams, has announced that the contracts of Russian driver Nikita Mazepin and Russian sponsor Uralkali have been terminated. In the statement made by the team belonging to American businessman Gene Haas, it was stated that they were deeply saddened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and it was decided that the partnership in title to the company Uralkali and the conduct agreement of Nikita Mazepin would be terminated.


Netflix has stopped work on the Anna K. project, which will bring Leo Tolstoy’s famous work, Anna Karenina, to the screen. “A talented team of writers, directors and producers have crafted an inventive and gripping series. We are thrilled to bring their take on this critically acclaimed story to our members in Russia and around the world,” said Michael Azzolino, director of Netflix original series. .


More than 380 companies have pulled out of Russia in recent weeks, while a total of 28 US-based companies are still doing business overseas. Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly openly called Putin a ‘mass killer’, while famed actor Mickey Rourke described Putin as a ‘man of empathy’, who visited sick children in a hospital Russia in 2014. Many companies that traditionally do business in Russia have shut down their operations in the country since the start of the war nearly a month ago, to align themselves with Ukraine due to the consumer reaction. Pizza company Papa John’s is the latest company to be hacked online for its decision to keep its branches open in Russia.

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