Fundamentals of political economy

I mean really sincerely; I don’t understand economics anymore.
Mustafa Sönmez explains it very well.
It is why I I’ll try to explain what I don’t understand.

In fact, the event went like this:
When I was in high school, I thought about studying chemistry in college because I liked the chemistry teacher.
In high school, I saw that neither my chemistry grades nor my experimental enthusiasm were brilliant, and atoms don’t become molecules without a unit. However, my atoms ring from another channel.
In high school 4, I realized that when I wanted to be a footballer, first Metin Kurt is a loving footballer. Then I become a socialist.

But, my friend, I also thought that it is not possible to be like that, by only feeling things, by desiring a revolution, by force of will, by believing in determinism.
Since the key and dynamic of socialism was in capitalism, understanding socialism is necessary to understand capitalism and The best way to understand capitalism was indeed to patiently read and understand Capital. (plus 3 volumes of Theories of Plus Value), since my chemistry was changing, Then I should have studied economics.

It’s been a long time, of course, the systems have changed, but I wrote Boğaziçi, METU and Hacettepe Economics in the first three lines, for some reason I didn’t write anything else. There was only one mother, and she said nothing!

I also worked outside in the preparatory class, but I first took classes in first year. With a three-part notebook. The lectures are in one section, the notes from the textbooks of these lectures are in the second section, and the Marxist economics notes on this subject at the end, opposite the lecture.

It wasn’t just Capital, There were many factions around, but in theory the working class was one. Everything was different in practice!
With the suggestion of Faruk Pekin Railway Workers’ UnionI started working at that time. European side of Istanbul. Trainings. Then the turn of the training. Adapazari, Eskisehir, Ankara. Congress. Collective bargaining for thousands of workers. Actions that stop the train and sound the siren. President Zafer, wonderful teachers. Change of workers. Visual worker training. The workers’ theater where we wrote the play together and where the workers performed. Visit to the Thracian line of the theatre. Creation of a single library. Distribution of books to children. Young workers come out of cafes.

In other words, my “multidimensional theory of economics” and my passion for capital have moved to the stage of sharing what I learned in class and after school with workers and finding a way.
Since I couldn’t attend class, I suggested that I ask for different, busy homework and make up for it. By not sleeping because I work.
Fortunately, even TÜSİAD’s advisors were understanding. ‘Cause it’s in your hands in a book format “Unequal exchange” Where “Residual Value in Turkish Manufacturing Industry” surprises were coming.
Everything I learned in statistics and econometrics, it all went to union service.

Our first “economics teacher” Prof. It was Demir Demirgil.
It had nothing to do with socialism, but it had a lot to do with the free spirit of the student. It was revealing. It was an open mind. He was an initiator.

Their exams would be:
It would give you economic statistics, figures, parameters. Here inflation, growth, exports, imports, current account deficit and so on. With these, you would set up a business model in your own way.
He didn’t need to hold that pattern or cling to “reality”; It was enough to be “coherent” in itself.

When I graduated, I didn’t go to banks or export companies because it was very attractive. I started journalism with the team of a 4-page daily economic supplement in the independent newspaper Günaydın, which was considered the best-selling and popular newspaper at the time.


I recounted so many memories, it was kind of like a one-sided coffee conversation, but I didn’t forget where I was going, don’t worry.
At that time, so The military coup of September 12 “Let the bosses laugh a little” before, Prof. Even in Demirgil’s “free model” class no one could think of today’s “domestic and national model”.
Capital already collected horseshoes. Even trying to understand this model, let alone write it down, Marx grew weary and left this work.

Here is what I want to explain without understanding:
Inflation is on the rise.
In the face of inflation, interest rates become negative.
The exchange rate rises with inflation.
Interest rates are lowered or held constant to reduce inflation.
With the real interest rate even more negative, the exchange rate loses its link with the economic process and inflation and soars at its own pace, with the demand for savings exploding and escaping interest.
In other words, money inflates as a savings product rather than a medium of exchange.
As the exchange rate increases, inflation increases even more.
The real interest rate becomes even more negative so that inflation falls.
The rate goes up more.

In the meantime, most state officials, who do not constantly watch the minister because they know the economy very well, preach to us:
In every sermon interest is a sin and foreign currency is obligatory.

Then one night…
That night, when the currency inflated, suddenly…
While ordinary people sleep or writhe in restless sleep…
In the state that says interest-money is sleeping, people are sleeping, the world is sleeping, we are not sleeping, someone and someone else’s state suddenly pulls a rabbit out of the hat. But who put this rabbit in this hat is unknown.
The highest level of currency selling explodes in the darkness of night and enigma.
Currency is haram, interest is allowed this time.

A decision comes out, saying “protected currency”.
Change your foreign currency, switch to protection, let the Treasury pay the difference between interest and foreign currency.
The Treasure does not belong to Karun, but to Kanuni. Legally yours.
OK, you may not have any money in your pocket for school, clothes, food, heating, but in theory the treasure is yours.
Even though it’s a class-based thing in practice.
Even if that chest you thought was transparent keeps rummaging through dark nights.

Exchange protected thing; not from the heart, from the heart, from the love, from the passion, from the kindness of life, as you young people do among yourselves; of panic.
Yours with your money, but others with your money even if you have no deposits there. “additional interest guarantee” means.
In other words, while the interest rate, which inflation is said to not fall if raised, is actually raised in order to keep big money inflating inflation twice as much as the he previous year, inflation continued to gain weight rapidly.

to gain weight; because it gnaws at you, it gnaws at your child’s future, it gnaws at the treasure, it gnaws at the reserves that are sold every night to keep the currency, it gnaws at the public goods or social goods sold to foreigners to obtain currency, he gnaws the foreign currency was bought there again, but after all all these voracious purchases, the dollar is low.
In our magical world, this time, interest is money itself, so monetary inflation does not increase!

While you’re in the gasoline and diesel lines, picking sunflower oil, luckily, such good things are happening.
A really warm personality like Mr. Nebati also speaks to distract us all.
It’s not like an analogy, it’s like entertaining little ones so they feel less pain while they’re circumcised. I respect. Even if there is no balm for the pain, the one that adds a few nuptials to the funeral, and a pinch of festivity to the mourning, is on my head!


Now dear Professor Demirgil; Back to top:
Ok, there are also world condition maps, but the problem was:
Reduce inflation much lower than today, increase investor enthusiasm, which is more lively than today, reduce the interest rate or keep it seriously negative. With a much lower exchange rate than today.
In other words, take from the saver and give it to the loan user, but big capital, but housing, credit card loan! To make the wheel turn.

Now, to give, to the exchange office, local and foreign, of the Treasury.
Thanks to this policy, inflation actually fell!
It is like fire for the houses, like stones for the poor and humble families, like a kind of war against the rubble of the future.

Of course, bad days also lead to good days!

In conclusion, let me guess what Marx might say about this. If she is not angry:
This economic policy; Syrian policy, Russian policy, openness policy, democratization policy, 20-year Fetö policy, EU policy, NATO policy, Saudi Arabia and Gulf policy, enmity and friendship with the MHP, Israeli-Palestinian politics and many others. it’s consistent!”

Well, although I don’t understand economics, I wouldn’t say “consistent” like that!
It is on this point that we have seriously differed with Mr. Marx, Mr. Nabati.

To note: The title is taken from the old Soviet books that spawned the Marxist critique of political economy. Since Marx did not quite say this, he wrote the Grundrisse, “The Foundations of the Critique of Political Economy”, again with all the trouble! Although she was killed before she could read it, Rosa Luxemburg’s “Capital Accumulation” also roams the waters of Capital, on the banks of the Grundrisse.

I’ve talked a lot today, but anecdote: Do you know who Hermann Souchon, the fascist German navy soldier, killed Rosa Luxemburg on January 15, 1919? Nephew of Admiral Wilhelm Souchon, who brought the Ottomans into the war by “passing” the battleships Goeben and Breslau through the strait courtesy of Enver Pasha and attacking the Russians in the Black Sea under cover of the “Ottoman Navy”!
Everything extends to the next.

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