Bombay Cat Traits and Care: How to Care and Breed Bombay Cats

Bombay cats are not very difficult to maintain. Since they don’t eat much, keep their food bowls clean and reward them with wet food once in a while. If you want them to drink water, you should use house water, not tap water, and keep their containers clean at all times. Bombay cats will become very friendly cats once they get used to you and like you.

Characteristics of the Bombay Cat

Bombay cats are a type of cat known for their introverted and reserved ways. He is officially an emotional cat and it takes time to get used to the house he lives in, and after getting used to it, he has a great love for his owner and his house, his character changes playfully and he begins to make himself loved.

Bombay cats are generally calm. But despite all this, when he gets used to his surroundings, he can also evolve into a fun and active character. If these cats get enough attention from their owner and feel loved, they don’t follow their owners, they want to play and be loved all the time.

Bombay cats are one of the cat breeds with the highest level of learning. Thanks to these characteristics, they can also take on certain habits of dogs. For example, they can do recovery orders. Also, walking cats on a leash, which is a newly popular action, is no problem for bombay cats. Bombay cats are warmer to being walked on a leash than other cats and cause no problems.

The Bombay cat is usually completely black and has copper eyes. This cat looks like a small panther with its jet black coat. It is not very awkward in terms of height, we can say that it has an average height. It has a shiny black color compared to other cats, and the Bombay cat likes to be in natural environments. His relationship with people is very good in a positive way. They like an orderly life and enjoy routine.

These cats are very calm, have a calm and introverted nature, as evidenced by their regular life and love of routine. This situation naturally varies according to the environment in which they live.

When he feels comfortable and free, he begins to show his fun and playful side. With these characteristics, we can say that the Bombay cat has a character that first weighs the environment and then acts accordingly.

We said he likes routine and order, but we didn’t say he creates big problems when things change. Bombay cats are a breed that can easily adapt to changes in disposition. It is a great convenience for the owners because you can easily change the place of things at home. It easily adapts to the environment, guests coming to the house or someone who has just moved will not be a big problem for these cats.

He is very good with people and animals. It adapts to almost any environment, and with these characteristics we can say that it is an excellent apartment and house cat. Bombay cats with a high sense of confidence and curiosity are also fond of regular food and attention.

Bombay Cat Care

Having a Bombay cat is not a difficult thing as Bombay cats are an easy to care for cat breed. Considering the average cat breed, these wonderful creatures have a very long lifespan. But still, the choice of food is very important for him to live long and be healthy. One of the most important points is not to compromise on quality.

In general, cheap foods are preferred because they are economical, but this is a bad idea. Because the cats or any animal friend you bring home will stay with you all your life, and if you don’t buy good food and care for them in a quality way, their health issues will an early age will reflect on you as a much bigger vet. costs.

How to take care of a Bombay cat?

Bombay cat eating habits are not very routine. In general, the Bombay breed is a somewhat voracious breed of cat, so it helps to reward them with wet food from time to time. Since their fur is not very long, it does not need to be combed very often, which is a great characteristic of Bombay cats. Combing them with a cat comb once a week may be enough.

We said that Bombay cats have an appetite. For this reason, it is important that you keep food and water containers clean at all times and that you fill them with good food. You also need to put the water tank of the house water, which is the water you drink yourself. In terms of hygiene, tap water is not good because it contains a lot of bacteria.

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