“You don’t have to be very rich to buy a horse”

Serdar Kabaş and Mesut Belli are two horse-loving businessmen. After having cohabited for years with these noble animals, they founded a small farm which would bring together equestrian sports enthusiasts like them. Here they began to provide boarding services for horse owners and to deal with horse riding. The ranch became an equestrian club with 26 horses of which 12 belonged to the club. The two partners have very nice goals on this route that they have set themselves on a completely voluntary basis to be with the horses they love and to spread the love of horses. Their greatest desire is to establish the first rehabilitation center with horses in Manisa and train athletes all over Turkey. This club, where Manisa horse lovers meet, will open doors that will ward off bad habits, especially for young people. Kabaş and Belli answered our questions about their club, which grew up with horse lovers, and about equestrian sports.

How many years have you been drinking with horses? do you drink?
I met horses when I was 16. I was in high school and in a restaurant I was a waitress. your restaurant The owner had horses. They He was taking care of me. HE IS this time i felt included with friendly animals. of the dog I saw that you were friendlier.

Have you ever been scared?
Horses think they are like cats. I have never had such a concern. Especially purebred horses He has never been seen to attack people.

Approach to horses Are there any tips?
Grooming during riding training horse communication training We also provide information. Mostly when you have your own horse You can understand their feelings. to jump The link key Stay with him.

Can we have our own horse?
Yes maybe. All these horses race horses. Before the competition million sold for serious money animals. But their racing life When completed, between 5 and 10,000 farms horses sold. So middle class own your own horse possible.

You also provide hostel service. What is the horse owner’s monthly payment? How much should he allocate?
Here as hostel service We receive 1500 TL. horse feed, health we all care like spending it belongs. 24/7 service here You can take. Our summer night training has passed. the whole establishment you can take advantage of the opportunities.

Expensive as you might think It’s not a sport then.
Yes, not at all.

Ottoman-themed television series then to equestrian sports and horses Has interest increased?
Yes, it is clearly visible. there is a substantial increase. Who watches these series “We want to ride a horse like that” Many people come to tell us started to arrive. before him we were a marginal group. Corn We are too crowded now.

Children go horseback riding age can begin
It can start at 9 years old. It’s totally a condition related to muscle strength able to control the horse must be.

What are equestrian sports? can we do it here?
I currently do show jumping 5, interested in equestrian archery We have nearly 20 athletes.

Why do people should he ride?
Anything that stresses you out It allows you to get rid of it. Horse rehabilitation characteristic is already known. to jump spending time grooming the horses antidepressant effect of there are. This is mainly why… But many sports, for example swimming 60 percent more muscle than lead the group. Mostly puberty children a better orientation can’t be bothered. Spend time with the horse to take care of it, go on a safari and be with nature the two horses integration adolescence all bad boy It will keep you out of the habit. Additionally, horses with autism and down benefit for children with down syndrome has now proven itself. This So those who have these evils We welcome you here. Free to support them in one way or another we work.

How is the skill are you exploring?
Skillful during riding lessons which are self-evident. The rider’s ability to integrate with the horse he reveals. come here There are many talented children. Stop, Nilya and Sertug are very successful. Their when you watch riding, jump that you are whole, it suits you very well You can also see.

How much do riding lessons cost How long does it take and how much does it cost?
A total of 10 lessons wrap. once a week and approx. It takes about 2.5 months.

We received horse riding training and we learned to ride with him what happens next?
Here are our safari programs exist, you can join them or You can ride the track here. But if the child has talent, Duru like, they become our athletes. We do not charge them. They come to their weekly practice. We fund our athletes We do.


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