What do graduate horse trainers do? Graduate Horse Trainer Salaries and Job Opportunities

One of the departments that there is not much information about is the horse trainers section. Equestrian coaching is a department generally approached with prejudice. However, job opportunities for graduates of this department are very high. It is also a well-paid profession. It is very important for people who wish to study equestrian coaching to find themselves suitable for this profession. So what do horse trainers do? What are equestrian coaching courses? Everything that is unknown about equestrian coaching is in this article…

What do equestrian coaching graduates do?

Horse trainers take care of everything related to the horse. Although this profession, closely related to the horse, may seem quite difficult, it is a profession like therapy for horse lovers. There’s a lot to know about this underrated profession. He is also very curious about what work the graduates of the horse training department do. Here are the professions of the graduates of the horse trainer department:

  • feed the horse
  • Treats horse ailments
  • Take care of where the horse lives
  • Prepares the horse to run and understands if the horse is ready to run
  • Responsible for official records
  • Prepares and follows the horse’s daily training programs

Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Horse Training Department

Equestrian coaching is a very reputable department, especially in the years when it was founded in the provinces. Today, the horse trainer department has lost its notoriety. Employment opportunities have declined, particularly due to the large number of graduates. But of course there are people who do and can do this work. Even though job opportunities are not plentiful for graduates of the horse trainer department, they are not absent. As long as the right places are applied, graduates of this department can find a job that suits them. At the same time, graduates of this department can open training centers.

Where Do Horse Training Graduates Work?

Horse coaching has recently become one of the most frequently criticized topics. When the department started, it offered degrees to people with very high salaries. However, as there are too many graduates now, job opportunities have diminished. Even if people find jobs, they work for minimum wage. Equine coaching graduates can work in:

  • racetracks
  • equestrian clubs
  • studs
  • Horse breeding and breeding farms
  • tourist facilities

Those who will study equestrian coaching should be aware that they will encounter certain difficulties in exercising this profession. It is not easy to study the department or practice this profession. If the person is sure that he can become a horse trainer, he should favor this section. Anyone who doesn’t like horses should never go to this section.

Equestrian Coaching Department Graduate Salary

The horse trainer department is the department that stands out with the highest salaries. When it was released, people working in this profession were paid 3 to 4 times the minimum wage. However, this profession has lost its value because the number of graduates is high. Horse trainers are currently paid based on where they work. However, they generally work for minimum wage. Of course, the salaries of people who work in much better places are also much better.

Horse Training Department Courses

  • 1st Limit 1st Period
    • Principles of Atatürk and History of Revolution 1
    • English 1
    • Use of basic information technology
    • Turkish language 1
    • horse anatomy
    • breeding horses
    • Horse and stable care
    • Physiology of the horse and movement
    • Introduction to Equestrian Gear and Equipment
    • Equine Occupational Health and Hygiene
    • Introduction to the farrier and his story
    • Dressage
    • Social Awareness in Horses
    • Foods and food technologies
  • 1st year 2nd semester
    • Atatürk’s Principles and History of Revolution 2
    • English 2
    • Turkish language 2
    • Barn maintenance
    • Horse training 1
    • Horse feed
    • horse biochemistry
    • Horse accidents and first aid
    • Horse orthopedics
    • Equine Business Economics
    • riding 1
    • horse biomechanics
    • Equestrian sports
    • Equine ethics
    • Basic Horsemanship
  • 2nd year 1st semester
    • Horse training 2
    • Horse foot diseases
    • horse care
    • Equine microbiology
    • Equine Business Accounting
    • riding 2
    • Racehorse Breeding Legislation and Business Law
    • Summer internship 1
    • Manager and Human Resources in Equine Practice Areas
    • Use of Medications in Horses
    • Breeding and sale of racehorses
  • 2nd year 2nd semester
    • Horse stable and care
    • Horse training 3
    • Equine microbiology
    • Equine operating facilities and infrastructure services
    • riding 3
    • hippotherapy
    • Graduation thesis
    • Summer internship 2
    • Horse riding birth information
    • poker training
    • Preparation of the horseshoe and application technique

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