Turkish sports are promoted at the El-Cedide horse and riding fair in Morocco


Moroccoheld in 10. Fair for horses and equestrian sports in El-JadidaJoining the World Confederation of Ethnosports for the first time this year, Turkish sportsintroduce it.

Great interest for the 10th El-Jadida Horse and Riding Fair in Morocco

The mas wrestling and mangala game on display at the Etnospor stand at the exhibition center in the Moroccan coastal town of El-Cedide attracts the attention of visitors.

General Artistic Director of the World Ethnosport Confederation Yasin Tobacco and Confederation Overseas Coordinator Levent Akıcı explained how they decided to participate in the fair, their goals and work.

Stating that they were taking part in the El-Cedide horse and riding fair for the first time, Tütüncü said: “Our main intention was to watch the shows of ‘teburida’, which is the traditional equestrian sport of mentioned.

Tütüncü said he had the opportunity to see the sporting and other cultural values ​​of Morocco up close during the fair, and said: “The World Ethnic Sports Confederation is interested in all traditional sports branches. Our goal is to introduce traditional sports to everyone. around the world and make them popular again. We allow spectators to participate and try these sports that we practice. used the sentences.

Recalling that the number of visitors surpassed one million at the Ethnosports Culture Festival, which was held for the second time this year in Istanbul, Tütüncü said, “We are aiming for more visitor participation in the festival than we expect to see. organize next year. That’s why we are here to bring the traditional sports that we have seen in Morocco to Turkey and to the festival.” he said.

Etnospor’s goal is to revive traditional sports

World Ethnic Sports Confederation Overseas Coordinator Levent Akıcı said that they aim to introduce traditional sports to young people and said: “What we are trying to do as a Confederation is to transfer our sporting and cultural values ​​from generation to generation and to support the work done in these areas Revitalizing and reactivating traditional sports.

Referring to the benefits of participating in the fair in Morocco, Akıcı said, “These kind of events not only showcase the sports we practice, but also give us the opportunity to develop new friendships and explore what we we can do with new countries. We saw that the participation in the show exceeded our expectations, our stand contributes to the promotion of our confederation as well as to the promotion of our country.

The largest international organization in its field ‘World Nomad Games’

Noting that as the World Ethnic Sports Confederation, they have come a long way in international studies, Akıcı said:

“The World Nomad Games was our first international organization. It was the largest organization in the field of traditional sports in the world. As a Confederation, we represented our country by participating in events organized in Albania and Hungary. Our goal is to promote our traditional sports in the events we attend overseas, as well as to build heart bridges between countries and establish business partnerships.

During the 10th El-Cedide Horse and Riding Fair, attended by more than a thousand horses and 600 riders, accompanied by 100 institutions and companies from 33 countries, including Turkey, exhibitions and conferences are organized where paintings, works of art and manuscripts on horses are presented, as well as numerous horse races.

Representing Turkey at the fair for the first time this year World Ethnic Sports Confederationoutraged Yunus Emre Institute The Turkish Cultural Center in Rabat also participates in various activities.

The fair, which was officially inaugurated on October 16 by the Crown Prince of Morocco, Mevla Hasan, will continue until October 22.

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