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Last week, in these columns, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan referred to an “opportunity” due to his role as an effective mediator between Russia and Ukraine and his diplomatic skill in preventing World War III, and declared: “Erdogan will receive- he the Nobel Peace Prize? I asked. His answer came from our reader Arif Şentürk. And in a very ironic way…
“Even if he prevented 10 world wars, Erdogan would not receive a Nobel Prize! would not be a shame If he says “we did it”, if he approves the law on local government autonomy, if he approves the division of Turkey into 25 provinces, if he allows the State of the PKK in our south, if it gives the Eastern Mediterranean to Israel, if it gives the Aegean to the Greeks, if it gives Libya to Macrona. If he does, maybe they’ll nominate him for the Nobel Prize! If you think you’re wrong, it’s still MetaVerse… Because Europe has never made a positive move against Turkey, nor will it. We cannot trust his honor.”

cell phone sticks
Valuable basketball coach and commentator Murat Didin expressed an issue we all complain about in a striking style on his social media account:
“I said it once again, in the chat program in Habertürk. Many of the participants are named participants in most channels. There is a phone in their hand, someone is writing, but they don’t They’re not listening, they’re like, ‘Wait, there’s a note, let me read it.’ They’re reading what’s in front of us. It’s sad. The idea. !…”
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Believe me, dear Murat Didin… If we take away their mobile phones, they will stand in front of the camera like rabbits with their headlights on. Because of these phones, they don’t listen to the other person and don’t understand the moderator’s questions. And we continue to watch their balding in front of the screen.

This is how citizens get ripped off
Murat Aydın, one of the active readers of our column, shared his observation on market prices, the controversial topic of recent times:
“I say give up now. I wanted to share with you an incident I experienced in the market today. On the internet sales portal of the mentioned market, 5 liters of sunflower oil was written as 109.00 TL. When I went to the market (same day and same time) the same product was written 128.00 TL.When I asked the official about the difference, he said there was a price increase and that they had changed the label.At that time when I looked at their again on the website, the text “Out of stock in your area” was written under the picture of the oil. However, the shelf was full of this brand of oil. It was the price of oil. The market in question was Carrefour Kozyatağı. The 5 liter of oil in question is their own brand. I wanted to share with you an event real and lived. I also reported my rebellion to the authorities via e-government.”

The meaning of women’s day
In fact, I was going to publish this article last week, but the agenda was so full that it was forced to do so this week. Gönül Turnagöl, my dear friend and strict follower of our column, worried that the true meaning of March 8, International Working Women’s Day, was being overshadowed by fun celebrations:
“I believe that women should understand why this day has come, rather than celebrating these special dates with amusement, and realizing that every individual must grow for women’s rights to exist. That…”

What did he say?
Hakan Ural praised his ex-wife Sibel Can on the show “What’s Happening Life”: “There is no such interpretation of artful music. Be sure to take the time to listen to Sibel while you’re alive, whenever you can. He’s officially a living legend…” moves we want to see in our geography

blunder bracket
Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, our pulpit subscriber, did not stand still. While trying to criticize the presidential system of government, he said, “Developments have shown our injustice.

The fun snowball fight between the two groups in Istanbul turned into an armed conflict. 6 people were injured in the incident. We turned the snowball into a bloodball, good luck to us!..

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