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Spring has arrived, the pandemic is not over. Children are overwhelmed by not being able to go out and play with their friends. Experts say that owning a pet will be good for the child in this process, and they warn: “Don’t buy a pet to help the child’s development, own it!” So don’t give up and leave it on the street…”



Why is keeping a pet important for children?

teacher. Dr. Arzu Yükselen (Child Development Department of Istanbul Medipol University): Pets are one of the versatile stimuli that positively affect children’s development. Having a pet helps children learn responsibilities at a young age and fulfill them. Caring for a pet and meeting its needs has a positive effect on children’s cognitive development, language and communication skills, and social-emotional development. Children also learn to live with animals by communicating, touching, walking, meeting their needs, interacting with them. Thus, they can develop positive attitudes and behaviors towards all living beings. Children who are responsible for caring for their pets or supporting them will also increase their self-confidence.


Esra Ezmeci (expert clinical psychologist): Each pet is very valuable and contributes to the development of the child.

Dog Cat: They are animals whose feelings and needs we can understand from their behavior. Thanks to these animals, children can develop social skills such as empathy, mutual love, play, setting limits, creating friendships.

Birds and fish: Animals such as birds and fish are pets whose needs and feelings we cannot understand from their behavior. It supports the child’s ability to establish a constant and constant connection and to take responsibility. For example, since animals such as fish and turtles do not react, the child can identify himself according to his imagination. Long time with these kind of callous animals


How should parents who don’t want pets explain this?

teacher. Dr. Growing Desire: Despite the positive aspects of having a pet, many parents may not want one at home for a variety of reasons. What is important here is that parents try to see the positive effects pets have on their children. However, if they insist on not having pets, they can solve this problem by speaking to their children in moderate and conciliatory language. It will be helpful for them to consider their children’s developmental level while having this conversation, explain sincerely and sincerely, and explain the reason for not wanting a pet. This is not an appropriate approach to negotiating or having a conflict over keeping pets with children. By making their children feel that they understand them, by listening to them, and by approaching them with patience, parents can prevent the conflicts they may encounter on this and any other subject.


Esra Ezmeci: At first, “You are bored at home and you want an animal to accompany you.”, “You are upset that some of your friends have a cat at home but you don’t.”, “You are angry with us because we didn’t have a dog, you think we don’t like you Make him feel that you understand him with phrases such as: Then, in a second step, explain to the child why you can’t keep a pet. Make him understand his logic with questions. If you skip any of these two steps, you or your child may feel misunderstood.


What if they suddenly gave up after getting a pet…

Esra Ezmeci: First, the condition of the house, the people who will take care of it should be assessed in detail, and after a final decision, a pet should be acquired. Because hundreds of animals in shelters have been taken on a whim and abandoned. Therefore, one should not rush to make a decision. Before the animal comes home, it should be clear who will take what responsibility. Finally, when the physical conditions lend themselves to it, the adoption of animals from the street or from a shelter will give a fairer example to the children.



May the pandemic crisis end with the love of animals

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