Let them love the period of lying believers

At the end of the week, a wonderful example was experienced in Habertürk, showing how the last period was built on perceptions created with unreal and false information.

In the program of Hülya Hökenek, a supporter of the government, defending the current economic situation, targeting Mahfi Eğilmez who criticizes the current economic situation, said: “We also saw the period when Mahfi Eğilmez was president of the Central Bank. Mahfi Eğilmez is among those who destroyed the country in the 2001 crisis. Eğilmez said, “He can’t talk about the economy, he’s the man who ruined the economy.”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

I criticize a lot of things that Mahfi Eğilmez has written on economics in recent years, I ridicule his inaccurate predictions like many economists, I know I’m the president, not even a civil servant.

On the contrary, I remember that Mahfi Eğilmez criticized very harshly during the crisis of 2001.

But they don’t matter.

The participant of the program, in order to defend power and slander and repel a critic, gives false information by looking people in the eye.

Maybe he knows the truth, maybe he really means it.

But at the end of the day, inaccurate information is given to millions of people as if it were true.

And unfortunately, this is the normality of this period.

It doesn’t matter if what you say is true or not.

The important thing is that the power is useful.

For example, you can say “There was no refrigerator before us” to praise the government and slander the past.

You can say, “There was no highway.”

We can say “There were big tails” by showing a problem that happened once in my childhood, forty, fifty years ago, as if it happened just before the government of the AKP party and always .

In 1978, because oil could not be imported for a while under the Demirel government, the fuel queues formed just before the AK party, you can say, “There are fuel queues.” ‘fuel wait’, and you can also cost the CHP.

You can also make those who did not live in that era believe it or those who are brave.

Because neither the refrigerator, nor Sana’s oil, nor the highways have the chance to go out and say “lie”.

But Mahfi Eğilmez can say: “I have never worked at the Central Bank in my life”, thank God.

But rest assured, now they’ll say, “That incompetent didn’t even get hired at the Central Bank, now he’s fuming about the economy.”

After all, the facts no longer matter.

Everything is perception.

They try to create a perception.

But they are not aware of market perception.

The perception they created is there.

On the markets, at the grocery store, at the greengrocers, on the labels that change every day.

As one of my readers reminded me, there is a phrase that politics in Turkey, especially the politics of the AK party, is very fond of.

Whenever a military or civilian bureaucrat gives a speech on a subject that is thought to be political in a way the government doesn’t like, “…. They say, ‘Get out and walk in.’ Politics.

If it’s a talking soldier, what needs to be taken off is the uniform.

If the speaker is an academic or a member of the judiciary, the thing that should be removed is the robe.

Well, if the bureaucrat speaking is not a military man, a member of the judiciary or an academic, but a bureaucrat from Religious Affairs, why wouldn’t anyone say the same sentence?

If it is forbidden and shameful to talk to a military man in uniform and an academician in a toga, how can a bureaucrat of Religious Affairs talk freely about politics?

Isn’t there a sane person from the wing of power and honesty who will say to the bureaucrat of Diyanet: “If you take off your robe, enter politics and talk like that”.

If they don’t say it, let me say it.

Mr. Ali Erbaş, take off your dress and talk to politics like this.

If you can’t collect from anyone, collect 100,000 signatures from religious affairs personnel, become a presidential candidate, and talk like that.

Hodri Square.

Can’t you do it!

Shut up then.

Know your limits.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu made a surprisingly precise statement and said that the government legitimizes the leader of the terrorist organization under the name of İmralı, and that they can see the HDP as a legitimate body, and that a legitimate interlocutor is necessary for the solution of the Kurdish problem.

This is a very correct, legal and democratic attitude.

The reaction to Kılıçdaroğlu’s words did not come from the AK party, but from Sezai Temelli of the HDP.

“What should never be forgotten is İmralı, the address and the true interlocutor of the democratic solution,” says Temelli.

Then Temelli said, “We are nothing. The important thing is Apo.

It’s a sick, apoteoistic attitude, as one of my friends rightly says.

Although it’s a great resemblance, it has nothing to do with Apo.

But the position of the HDP is well established.

For those who don’t know, “Apoteoism” means to deify someone or something.

This political move, which has deified Abdullah Öcalan, is turning into a mechanism that can only benefit his opponents.

The question of how many liras Rıdvan Dilmen received from TRT is on everyone’s lips.

There are those who say they received 8.5 million TL, or $1 million, and those who find this exaggerated.

I have no idea about this.

I don’t know about his last years, but I knew that Rıdvan received a lot of money from NTV.

In fact, 10-11 years ago, when I suggested that he come to Kanal 1, which was Ciner Group’s mainstream television at the time, and write for Habertürk at the same time, he said, “I’m on good terms. with Mr. Ferit. He values ​​me a lot, I can’t leave him,” he said. He refused our offer, saying he received a very good salary.

Of course, things didn’t go well in the Doğuş group after that, I don’t know how it affected Rıdvan.

As a result, Rıdvan left NTV and moved to TRT.

Rıdvan and TRT say claims of high amounts are not true.

They will even say that you work almost for free.

I do not know.

Maybe he’s working for free just because he’s pissed off at Ersin Layout.

But that’s not the point.

The problem is transparency.

Public broadcaster TRT cannot run a secret business.

It should be open.

Look, the British public broadcaster BBC has had a similar discussion for years.

Former footballer Gary Lineker also comments on football on the BBC.

The BBC’s highest paid man is Lineker.

For the 2019-20 season, he received a salary of exactly 1.75 million pounds. It is exactly 20 million 825 thousand TL.

After criticism, it was also called the pandemic period, and wages were cut by 400,000 pounds last year, and they were reduced to 1 million 360,000.

British taxpayers often find this and get angry.

But it is not about more or less.

Transparency of the public broadcaster.

TRT must also be transparent as an organization that survives on our taxes.

We need to know how much he gave to whom.

Whether this money is earned or not is a separate question.

When we know that fighting inflation is not the job of the police.

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