Dogs left behind by neighboring provinces have become nightmares

Stray dogs left in Ilkadım district of Samsun, one of the surrounding districts and provinces, pose a great danger to humans.
The Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Stray Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center is located within the boundaries of Ilkadım district. When this is the case, the stray animal teams of certain district municipalities bring the stray dogs they collect in their own district to the shelter of the district of Ilkadım, have them treated and recover them. Ilkadim Municipality officials also claim that these dogs are left at Ilkadım borders, not the districts they belong to, by other district municipalities after being removed from the shelter, and expect that all municipalities act responsibly.
Ilkadim Municipality Health Affairs Directorate teams collected 5683 stray dogs from the district borders in 2021 and delivered them to the Weak Stray Animals Care and Rehabilitation Center. Teams from Ilkadim Municipality, who collected nearly 3,000 stray animals from their neighborhoods and delivered them to the animal shelter in the first 3 months of this year, finally detected 2 dogs left in Ilkadım from Ordu. Ilkadim Municipality Director of Sanitary Affairs Onur Akça said dogs from surrounding provinces are now left in their districts and said they have determined that dogs whose ear tags have been cut off are registered in Ordu province from chip numbers.

“We delivered nearly 3,000 stray dogs to the shelter in 3 months”
Pointing out that they approached the number of stray dogs they collected in a year last year, before the end of the first 3 months of this year, and the number of foreign stray dogs in the district is gradually increasing, the Sanitary Affairs Manager Onur Akça said, “As İlkadım Municipality, we have a big problem. Stray dogs are left at the borders of our district from many districts and provinces. In fact, we found out that the last dog remained in our Ordu district. Even though we acted in coordination with the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality on the sterilization of dogs, we delivered 5683 stray animals to the shelter in 2021 for sterilization. This year we have delivered 2993 strays so far. Even though we work hard, it is not enough because many dogs from other districts and provinces are left in our district every day,” he said.

“They left a stray dog ​​from Ordu to Samsun”

Stating that the last stray dogs they detected were left in Samsun from Ordu province, Onur Akca said, “In the latest report we received, our teams went to the scene after a complaint for attack. He took 2 dogs to the Metropolitan Municipality Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center. Here, the microchip numbers of the dogs whose ear tags were cut off were checked and it was determined that the dogs were brought from Ordu from these numbers. It should not be interpreted in good faith that the stray dogs that should be in Ordu are on Ilkadım Gürgen mountain. Most likely, these dogs were left to starve. Because Mont Charme is not a place where you can feed the animals. The problem is getting worse and we anticipate it will get worse,” he said.

“They leave the dogs they brought to the shelter in our neighborhood and go away”
Saying that some district municipalities let stray dogs in their districts in Ilkadım, Akça used the following statements:
“In places where dogs are concentrated, the dogs themselves choose a leader and can become aggressive in the presence of this leader. They can attack people when they are hungry or when they feel threatened. When these attacks escalate, citizen complaints increase. In fact, in a study last year, 417 Turkish citizens were injured by dogs. Some municipalities release animals to other neighborhoods to avoid this problem in their own neighborhood. When this is the case, dog aggregations increase in districts where dogs are released. If each district took care of its own dog and released it back to its own district after the neutering process, no district would have such a big problem. The animal shelter is located within the boundaries of Ilkadim district. When the district municipalities bring animals to the shelter, the dogs that are treated and cared for are sent back to the district teams to be released in their own districts. The teams from the district municipalities who take the dogs leave the animals in Ilkadım instead of bringing them back to their own neighborhoods. Or they leave as if taking them to the shelter and leave the dogs in Ilkadım without going to the shelter without earrings. In this way, unfortunately, the number of stray dogs in İlkadım increases significantly. Citizens living in rural areas also suffer greatly from this situation.

cropped ears
Ilkadim Municipality Health Affairs teams collected 2,993 stray dogs in 2022 and delivered them to the shelter. Although it was determined that many of the stray dogs delivered to the shelter did not have earrings, it was stated that some dogs had their ears cropped so it is unclear from which province and district they came.

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