Champion Foals – Horse Racing Predictions

Births of pregnant mares began at the Anatolian Agricultural Enterprise Directorate stud farm in Mahmudiye district of Eskişehir, which is affiliated with the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprise (TİGEM). In the births that will last until May, 32 of the 129 pregnant mares have foaled. While the foals which are specially cared for in the company return to their natural life in a short time, it is expected that new champions will be bred from the foals carrying the blood of champion horses. At the direction of the agricultural enterprise of Mahmudiye Anadolu, which occupies an important place in Turkish equestrianism, the semen of champion horses is frozen in the artificial insemination laboratory, and this semen is put on sale together with horses and purebred Arabian foals, making a great contribution to the equine industry.

Anadolu Agricultural Business Manager Neşet Ormancı said breeding of purebred Arabian horses is very important in Turkey. Expressing that the births that started in January have caused great excitement in the equine industry in terms of breeding new champion foals, Ormancı said, “One of the important business lines of the Anatolian Agricultural Enterprise Directorate of TİGEM is the breeding of thoroughbred Arabian horses. We have 328 horses in our facilities. Our births took place in January of this year. and will continue until the end of May. 129 of our horses were pregnant and 32 gave birth. Our Purebred Arabian horses bred in these facilities reach breeders with our sales every year. In 2019, 16 elite foals were sold and 51 purebred Arabian horses were sold. Thanks to the activation of our insemination laboratory, the spermatozoa of our important stallions Turbo, Altaha, Ayabakan and Tamerinoğlu, who have made champions of Turkish riding, are preserved after freezing and sold throughout Turkey and offered for horse production. This is how their champions are born,” he said.


Explaining that Turkey has great potential in terms of preserving the genetic source of the Arabian horse in the business, Ormancı said, “Horse breeding is an important and profitable investment for our business. Horse breeding is carried out in 3 of the most profitable TİGEM enterprises. branch of our branches is horse breeding. Income from frozen semen, horse It is a profitable investment with the sale of elite foals and purebred Arabian horses,” he said.


TİGEM Anadolu Agricultural Enterprise Equine Chief and Veterinarian Eren Karabulut said they are waiting for a new champion among born foals. Stating that foal births are closely monitored with meticulous and painstaking studies in the business, Karabulut said:

“Out of 129 pregnant mares, of which 32 gave birth, we have 16 male and 16 female foals. The best stallions and inseminated mares with the correct mating and the correct mating of the best mares began to give birth. January to May. It will continue from January to May. There is a month-long gestation period, we go through this period with care and attention, and we continue to work for the birth of healthy and successful racehorses and champions. is a company where purebred Arabian champions are bred. In order to pass on the purebred Arabian horses, which are the heritage of the Ottoman Empire, to future generations, “We try to bring out the puppies and champions who can have a successful racing life. We try to find the champion by mixing scientific research with past experience.”


Eren Karabulut, who also gave information on the birth process of horses, said foals born after 11 months of pregnancy transitioned to natural life within 2 hours and said:

“The gestation period for horses is 11 months, but there is no intervention in the birth within 5-10 minutes. The mares give birth naturally. If there is no problem, foals stand up in 45 minutes and 1 hour and begin nursing their mothers within 2 hours Those who foal We expect champions to breed foals.


Turbo, Altaha, Ayabakan and Tamerinoğlu, who are important stallions who became champions of Turkish riding, are also part of the TİGEM stud team. Turbo, who had to retire from racing due to injury and has won first place 28 times in 31 races, is attracting the attention of the stallions.


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