A very useless article: What should children watch?

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What are you doing for your children or the children of your loved ones? For example, do you choose to buy paint or chocolate for a child to please him? Do you base your child’s needs on food, drink, housing, education, or psychological needs? Do you prefer to hold the phone in your hand to keep it quiet and linger, or play with it? Do you think of all your child’s needs or is it based on their wishes? Just as you know your child doesn’t like leeks, do you know of another child in his class that he doesn’t like and why? Do you see your child as a means of entertainment (I mean their cute expressions, funny words and sayings) or as an individual? Do you make your child watch age-appropriate cartoons or squid games? Are you saving money for your child’s future or for now? Do you share your child’s memories with everyone you know, keep them to yourself, or post your child’s faces with filters to avoid the evil eye? I could ask a thousand other questions, but I won’t bore you.

I wonder if even any of the above questions made you feel bad. Or do you raise the child how you want and share what you want? Oh, we were looking at things with hanging cutouts, we were reading bloody poems, you say nothing (!). Let’s not worry for nothing, let’s even go about our business then, sorry, I was minding my own business at the moment.

My mother is very afraid of lightning. In fact, he’s so scared that when the lightning starts flashing, the lights go out in the house and everything from the TV to the refrigerator is unplugged. We couldn’t even look out the window to watch the rain, if necessary, the lightning was expected to stop, by candlelight, far from the window and without using any technological tools. So much so that this fear would teach us to avoid heavy rains which brought the possibility of lightning strikes. I don’t know why my mother was so afraid of lightning, but I do. I too am afraid of lightning, and I know why, my mother’s fears. When I was 2 minutes from my house in the pouring rain I was surprised while returning from the market with a friend, I was so scared that I refused to walk, and I took refuge under an apartment. Even if the rain is light, I can’t pass the trees, even if I do, I’m scared. Trees attract lightning….

I wrote this very irrelevant memory to explain to you the importance of what we experienced as a child, what we went through, what we went through, the logic of being healthy can only be health protected by the body. I am also in very good health, but I have some fears. But this is normal, everyone is afraid of everything, it has nothing to do with childhood, I have already said that my memory is very irrelevant.

There is also one thing, look, I forgot, my child is my arm, my leg, my liver. We went to school, we have a little stomach ache, teacher, so we couldn’t do our homework. We fell while walking on the stairs in the morning, we hurt our knee, sister doctor. -Don’t think I’m exaggerating, it’s something I personally witnessed- we worked hard for the university exam, my teacher, and the result was good. We think of Istanbul, but on the other hand, we are confused for the Kocaeli section, what do you think? Luckily the teachers stepped in for the 18 year olds who attended this and similar universities and they also tried to point out that the kid also had a mouth and an opinion saying what they would love if we ask our daughter or son. I wonder if this child could be an individual, they asked the question, but I don’t know if it worked.

What have these ears heard, what have these eyes seen? I don’t think I’m 40-50, I’m not even 30 yet. It’s not worth it, I don’t even want to meet the teacher, I’m waiting at the garden gate. Why is that? E couldn’t learn to read and write, the teacher says something every time he sees him. What is he saying? Work from home, read a book before bed, stick to it. What are you doing? What’s up, he doesn’t read, we say read, he doesn’t read. I will say that it is easy to give birth to children and to take care of them physically, it is also difficult. If you tell your child to read a book and not buy a book, even if it is wrong, how can the child want to read a book? Or I don’t know how we’re going to save the child from parents who give the phone away or sit next to your child watching the mob TV show yelling on TV, “I say do your homework, look, if you don’t don’t do that, you won’t go to school tomorrow, so the teacher talks to me”. Or, if we hear the name of the child who saved himself (!) despite all the impossibilities, when he succeeds, we praise him. By impossibility, I mean, of course, financial, but don’t get me wrong!

Finally, we laugh at what we see on social networks without thinking that it is good or bad. We apply filters to the faces of children who have no sense of reality and pretend to entertain them, but we do not pay attention to the reactions of young children. For example, the child touches his face with his hand to see if it is identical to what he sees on the screen. Because he can’t understand, because he’s not old enough to grasp it. It’s like a game of this eee, he thinks you’re not there when you cover your face with your hand against a baby, but when you open it he thinks you’re there. Although this game is a simple but useful game for child’s development, the child’s fear when you and the child are on the screen and suddenly a horse’s head (not a joke) comes out of you is not funny, it is wrong.

The topic was very scattered, it was a very empty and useless article. But again, don’t do everything you see on social media to your child, act with consideration for their physical and emotional needs in all areas. Also, if possible, don’t let your kid watch things that aren’t age appropriate, which is going to happen, dear, we’ve all watched (!)

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