When do horse races start? The date is determined!


It was a matter of curiosity when horse racing will start at racetracks under the jurisdiction of Turkey Jockey Club (TJK). Along with the normalization stages, one of the most curious was the fate of horse racing. It’s grabbing attention as a topic racing fans are looking for when the hiatus in horse racing comes to an end. Here, ‘When do horse races start?’ answer to the question…


After the Council of Ministers held at Villa Huber in Tarabya, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said he had been following the development of the normalization schedule for about a month and explaining them step by step every week, and listed the new decisions made this week as follows:

Livestock sales locations will be operational from June 1, and racetracks from June 10.



A statement was signed by Turkish Jockeys Federation President Serdal Adalı, Turkish Race Horse Breeders and Owners Association President Talip Öztürk, Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Association President Recep Avşar and the president of the Association of Purebred Arabian Breeders and Owners Şevket Yıldız.

Recalling that racing was suspended on March 20 due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the statement said that “although racing has been suspended, daily life continues at our racetracks, no different from daytime operation. of the race, due to the need to feed, care for and train 7,000 horses.” it has been said.

It was reported that all necessary measures have been taken regarding the epidemic, “Since the day the first case was found in our country, in addition to measures such as temperature taking, daily distribution of masks, social distancing, site disinfection and personal hygiene, simultaneously and completely every day in all our facilities, circulars issued by the competent authorities of our state and We continue to take the measures we have taken in accordance with the statements without compromise. In fact, following the measures that we have submitted as a report to the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health and which have been appreciated, the number of positive cases in the racecourse, which is the space of life of 6 thousand people, did not exceed the fingers of one hand expressions were used.


Emphasizing that additional measures may be taken if deemed necessary by the Ministry of Health, the statement said: “Following the success of our process to fight the Covid-19 epidemic, under the leadership of our President, with the remarkable efforts of our Ministry of Health, shopping centers and hairdressers, whose activities for the normalization of life, are authorized from today. Despite the fact that gymnasiums are indoor environments, and that other sports competitions will begin on June 12, despite the high level measures taken at our racetracks which will set an example for many sectors of the country from day one, there is no requires no contact between athletes, unlike other sporting competitions, and horse racing takes place outdoors. date still uncertain has demotivated the entire industry.” assessment was made.


The sector was said to provide employment to 240,000 people directly and indirectly, and the following notices were issued:

“Our equestrian industry, which creates the most jobs with the least investment and which is in the top 8 in the world ranking with the developments it has made in the last 20 years, has the strength to resist in a environment where no revenue is generated As a consequence of the relentless spending of the past 52 days where races did not happen but races could not be held on the contrary it is absolutely impossible for the industry to survive in this blade-to-bone environment the fact that, under all the detailed and exemplary measures we have taken, an operation equivalent to a race day is currently being carried out every day at our racecourse, the start of the races is an additional risk in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic.In addition to all the measures we are taking, we have cut the connection of our racetracks with the outside world, accompanied by the mandatory application of the in quarantine, with a coach, a jockey, a groom and a minimum technical staff, we believe that the races will be held on May 15. We are ready to start it, with all the responsibility on us from the day one date.”

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