What Ralph the Rabbit Told Us in 3.5 Minutes

Everything a 3.5 minute short film can say! A short film titled “Save Ralph” circled the globe for days. “Save Ralph” in Turkish. If you haven’t watched it, be sure to watch it. Because it will only take 3.5 minutes of your time. But in the end, the bunny will examine Ralph’s bruised state and confront us with a fact we didn’t know.

Yes, we all know… Many brands in the cosmetics industry test on animals to ensure their products are harmless to humans. Because of this, animals suffer greatly, are exposed to various chemicals and lose their lives. This short film tells us all about this pain through the eyes of Ralph the Rabbit. It’s so effective, it’s so impactful… Those who watch the film, released on social media thanks to Humane Society International, please let those who don’t watch it watch it. The more consciousness there is, the more conscious the consumption.

Understand by packaging

So how do you understand cosmetic brands that don’t test on animals? There are a few phrases to understand if a brand has been tested on animals. One of the easiest methods is to check the packaging. If there is the words “Not tested on animals” and a rabbit-shaped logo on the product packaging, it means that animal testing has not been carried out. In order to understand which brands have not been tested, it is also possible to check whether the product has a “cruelty-free” certificate.

Of course, there are also brands that don’t prefer to experiment on animals. Those who choose to go this route receive animal-free, vegan, or vegetarian certificates. So just watching and sharing poor Ralph’s video is not enough. The purpose of this film is to make us an informed consumer. In other words, stay away from cosmetic companies that conduct animal testing. The list of 268 brands that do not test on animals is available on the mail.com.tr account. Be sure to check it out.


If every ingredient in the products is vegan or if the brand in question does not test on animals, it falls into the white group. If the brand does not experiment alone, but the supplier of the ingredient, the brand falls into the gray group. The black group, on the other hand, is made up of the brands we use the most at home that don’t deny that they test on animals.

The new Turkish TV series platform: Dramax

Turkish TV series are the undisputed leaders, especially in the Latin American and Middle Eastern markets; we know now. So many TV series have been sold in these countries that we even stopped following. Here is a platform that offers Turkish TV series archives to this market: Dramax. The platform where Turkish productions, which achieved worldwide fame and broke audience records at the time, will be published; It offers Spanish and Arabic dubbing options. A very clever project. Because;

  • Since we are the country that sells the most content in the world after America; We are even late for such a platform.
  • Considering that Turkish TV series have been banned in the Arab world for political reasons in recent years, this will meet a great need.
  • Considering we’re confined to our homes and wrapped up in digital platforms during the pandemic, the timing is superb.
  • It is also a unique opportunity to promote Turkey.
  • Moreover, it is clear that it will create a new source of income for the channels and the producers. Dramax, hosted by Demirören Medya, will currently be viewed on the web or mobile phones. It is necessary to register on the platform. The individual plan is $4.99 and the family plan is $8.99. The shows will be ad-free and people will be able to watch in their own language. Soon out of series; food, music programs, variety shows and documentaries will also be added. The content is therefore abundant. As board member Murat Saygı said; “This platform will be Turkey’s Netflix open to the world…” May the road be clear.


Benniz, one of the famous names in 90s pop music, made the following statement the other day. “Turkish pop has been on a downward trend for a long time. All the songs made are shameful…” Is he right? He is so right! The number of songs made in recent years and qualified as ‘good’ does not exceed the finger of one hand. As we said, there are very few songs that “explode”. Otherwise, re-voicings of old songs are albums of respect and homage.

No wonder we still listen to 90s pop. In this vicious circle, unfortunately, we settle for good in bad. Just pop music? It’s the same in every branch. Look, Emperor İbrahim Tatlıses, who rose from his ashes and returned to the screens, released a new song after a long time. A song called ‘Don’t Come’.

As you listen, you say “I wish he hadn’t said that”! The words “If I die, don’t come to my grave, may the devil see your face” fly through the air. I thought it was İsmail Türt’s song, I was sad. I said, ‘Where are those old İbrahim Tatlıses songs, ahh? We wish he would delight us with his unique voice and a much better song. Come on, don’t be nostalgic now.

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