What is the Scottish Fold? What are the Traits, Personality, and Care of the Scottish Cat?


The Scottish Fold cat breed is one of the cat species that many people keep at home. Unlike other cats, they are known and preferred cats by many people with their cute appearance and ear structure.

What is the Scottish Fold?

The breed of cat, famous for its mutated ear structure, discovered in Scotland, which is usually found in gray tones, is called Scottish Fold.

In the GCCF institution, he took his place with the silent cry of a purebred cat. It is a type of cat that is very easy to maintain and that adapts to each person.

Origins of the Scottish Fold

Since this breed of cat was discovered by a farmer named William Ross in Scotland in 1961, its origin is based on the Scottish country. It is therefore a cat of Scottish breed.

Physical characteristics of the Scottish Fold cat

The structure of the fur of this breed of cat consists of dense and short hairs. The structure of the ear is curved inwards. Because in 1966, the ears of the feline species mutated and took on this form. It is distinguished from other species of cats by this physical characteristic.


The body structure of the cat is of medium size. As can be seen here, the size of the feline species is neither too big nor too small. The tail structure is thin and short.

Personality and Spiritual Traits of the Scottish Fold

Good, calm, docile, friendly and intelligent personality traits are considered in the character traits of the Scottish Fold cat breed.

If it continues to exist in a family, this breed of cat can get along with each member of the family separately. She can love herself. He doesn’t have a gruff, short-tempered personality.

Diseases to which the Scottish Fold cat is predisposed

The diseases to which each breed of cat is prone may differ from each other. The diseases to which the Scottish Fold cat is most prone are those caused by mating errors. This breed of cat is bred only with its own breed of cat.

Cat breeds show sensitivity in terms of bodybuilding when pregnant in early period. However, the Scottish Fold cat breed is less susceptible than other cat breeds.

The disease that this cat breed is susceptible and prone to is heart disease. Parasites, itching and shedding are the diseases that the cat is prone to in terms of hair health.


Scottish Fold cats are suitable for abdominal fat. Abdominal fat can also cause obesity. This breed of cat can become overweight when left unattended and it can be difficult to lose weight. Therefore, the choice of food for the cat breed and the dietary controls are important.

Scottish Fold cat care

In the care of this cat breed, the ears are cleaned weekly. The procedure should be completed without fear of having your ears lifted.

Cat nail care should be started when it comes to a kitten. Because the kitten period is important for this breed of cat to get used to care. Nail length and sharpness are checked. Nail care is done as needed. This period may vary.


How to wash a Scottish Fold cat?

If the Scottish Fold cat is bathed too often due to its fur structure, it may begin to shed. It is also known that the cat breed in general hates water. Therefore, the Scottish Fold cat breed can be cleaned using little water at times. Bathing cats eliminates their own body odor. Cat saliva is already sterile. He cleans himself. Among cat breeds, the only cat breed that stretches like a swimming cat and loves water is the Van cat. The Scottish Fold cat breed is also one of the cats that do not like to be washed.

How to prune the Scottish Fold?

Haircut is part of hair care. Hair care for the Scottish Fold cat breed is done in two ways. In general, the fur of this breed of cat consists of dense and short hair. Therefore, if you have a short-haired Scottish Fold cat, you can groom it once a week. If he is long-haired, he can be stretched out twice a week for trimming. It would be best to take your cat of this breed to a veterinarian for a haircut. Because the hairs are cut with special razors.


How many years does a Scottish Fold cat live?

The Scottish Fold cat breed lives on average between 12 and 16 years. There are also Scottish Fold cats that live up to 14 years. This cat breed spends most of its life with health issues. Therefore, their service life may be a little shortened.

How to train a Scottish Fold cat?

Among the positive characteristics of this cat breed are ease of learning and respect for rules. Therefore, training is also very easy.

You can train without leaving him alone for a long time, without running out of love, keeping calm. It is important that you remain calm during their training. These cats are very calm. The most important thing that facilitates training this breed of cat is psychological support. Otherwise, they even interfere with toilet training. They are playful cats. You can give any training you want by playing games and taking care of him. Moreover, he has the intelligence and the mind to perceive the trainings. As long as you don’t miss your love.


Scottish Fold Cat Colors

The colors of this cat breed are quite diverse. But it is usually located in gray and its tones. It is widely available in blue, white, black, yellowish brown, lilac, chocolate color, red, cream, cinnamon color.

Their ears, legs and other parts of the tail color can be light colored. These breeds are called Scottish Fold with colored tips.

Scottish Fold Cat Food Suggestion

Dry food, wet food and water consumption are prominent in this cat breed. The cat breed is not carnivorous. However, important food brands should be chosen with care and nutrition. Because this breed of cat is very sensitive physically and psychologically. This is because it mutates for a while. Therefore, when you choose the wrong food, diseases will occur due to the nature of the cat. For this reason, veterinary support should be obtained in this breed’s nutrition and food brand recommendations.

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