What does February 17 mean? What is World Cat Day, when is it in 2022?

World Cat Day is celebrated on February 17 every year. So why is February 17 celebrated as Cat Day, what is the meaning of this special day for cats? What day is cats, what day? Here is information on World Cat Day and interesting facts about cats…

Cats, who adorn the world with their unexpected love, playful ways and cute mischief, are also sweet friends for us humans. Cat Day doesn’t happen once a year. While August 8 is celebrated as “International Cat Day”, February 17 is celebrated as “International Cat Day”. The important messages of this special day, where we reveal our penchant for cats through posts on social networks; not to leave them alone, not to abandon them after the adoption, to feed them with a bowl of water and a bowl of food…


“World Cat Day”, celebrated on February 17, first became popular in Italy in 1990. Italian journalist Claudia Angeletti conducted a survey of her readers in Tuttogatto (All Cats) magazine. The winner was Oriella Del Col’s bid on February 17 and was designated as “World Cat Day”.

Interesting reasons motivated the choice of the date of February 17, which was later accepted by many countries: February is known as the month of Aquarius in astrology. The thought of this sign as “free and independent-minded”, which dislikes rules, has led to a similarity with cats.

International Cat Day, celebrated on August 8, is celebrated around the world, as the name suggests. It is celebrated on October 29 in the United States (USA), March 1 in Russia and February 17 in Poland. International Cat Day, confused with World Cat Day, was created in 2002. International Fund for Animal Welfare Created by


Cats, which are symbolized by their cleanliness in Islam, belong to the Prophet Muhammad. He also took a place in the life of Muhammad. In a hadith it is said that the love of cats comes from faith.

Hz. During the Uhud expedition, when a cat nursing her kittens appeared in front of the army, Muhammad put up a guard to prevent the cat from being trampled and had a whole army around this cat. On his return from the expedition, he asked the guard for the cat and adopted his name.mueza‘ he puts. Muezza was a black and white Abyssinian cat. He had spots on his upper palate inside his mouth. Cats with an uncommon palate patch are considered descendants of Müezza. The muezza was probably a stray cat and was sent from the hot, scorching desert streets of Mecca to the Prophet. He was saved by Muhammad’s interest.

Hz. Muhammad loved his cat Müezza so much that one day Müezza was sitting on the cedar. He fell asleep on the tip of Muhammad’s robe. Hz. Rather than waking Muezza, Muhammad preferred to get up, gently cutting off the end of his robe. Hz. As Muhammad was going to perform ablution with the water left in the bowl after his cat drank Muezza, when the Companion-i Kiram Abu Nuaym said, “O Resul, the cat drank from this water”, the Messenger of Allah said: have the cleanest mouth” and he performed ablution. (Hz. Aisha, the wife of the Prophet who narrated the hadith)



* Cats can get along very well with dogs. This situation “does not work”. In a 2008 study, 6-month-old cats and 1-year-old dogs were put in the same room and it was observed that the cats and dogs got along very well.

*Cats cannot taste dessert. When you mix dessert into his meals, he probably doesn’t notice it and continues to eat.

* A female cat became the mother of 420 cats in her lifetime and was awarded the title of ‘The cat that gave birth the most’.

* In early 2011, a cat named Klepto Dusty became famous for stealing. Dusty stole over 600 items from his neighbors in 3 years.

* Cats paws can sweat.

* Humans need 6 cases to hear, cats need 32 cases.

* The first to domesticate cats were the ancient Egyptians.

* The heart of cats beats twice as fast as that of humans.

*Van’s cats are the only species of cat that likes to swim.

* Cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees.

*While dogs can make up to 10 sounds, this number reaches 100 in cats.

* Cats dream like humans.

* The heaviest cat in the world weighs 21 kilograms.

* Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping. This can sometimes take up to 18 hours a day. Also, because they have to watch out for dangers in the environment, they have less time to fall into a deep sleep.

* Cats do not come down from a high place facing the ground. But they come back down.

* With a few exceptions, most cats enjoy being petted and petted.

Cats can understand the emotions of their owners.

* Cats love the order they are used to and never want it to change. This includes the food bowl.

* Not everyone likes to eat while watching them.


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