What can we learn from Kung Fu Panda?

Beyond being an animated film, Kung Fu Panda is a production that also contains many personal development lessons for the audience. Our protagonist, Po, is an ordinary big panda who loves Kung Fu and is busy selling noodles in his family business, but is chosen by the wise turtle Oogway to become the Dragon Warrior by pure coincidence.

During this journey, Kung Fu Panda gives us very enlightening and instructive information on issues such as discovering and using our talents and creative power, moving forward without giving up in the challenges we face, and realizing the unlimited power within us.

I would like to share with you some information from this film which I think will help your personal development.

Recognize your unique abilities.

Po, who looks like an extremely ordinary Panda at the start of the film, looks like he has no extra features to learn and master Kung Fu. After Wise Oogway chooses Po as a Dragon Warrior, his teacher Master Shifu and his Furious Five teammates believe that Po lacks the potential to become a Dragon Warrior, both in talent and physicality.

However, Po, who continues to work with determination without giving up despite everyone’s negative thoughts, reshapes his character by bringing out his hidden talents, which he didn’t even know existed before, with the support of Master Shifu.

We may not be aware of this because we cannot use our abilities adequately in the chaos of our daily lives. We might even think we don’t have the skills. However, we all come into this world in unique ways, and we all have our own unique characteristics and abilities that make us different from others.

When we discover and use our capacities that are rusty or even forgotten because they are not used, our vital energy increases and our motivation increases. Our faith in ourselves is strengthened and our life takes on more meaning.

Don’t think about what you’ve been through in the past or what you’ll be through in the future, just focus on the present and take action.

In one of the film’s key scenes, the wise Oogway finds Po doing what he does best, eating peaches under the sacred peach tree. While the wise Oogway says that Po, who gives himself dinner when he is stressed and worried about the future, he is very worried about what will happen and what will happen, he also gives him the following advice ;

“Yesterday is a thing of the past, tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, that’s why it’s called a gift.

When we focus on the moment, we discover something different about ourselves when we act with the moment and start performing the actions we want to perform one by one without delaying them; our power to create. This power is the most important power that we need when we want to achieve something in our life. When we learn to use our creative power in the way we want, and when we specialize in it, our productivity increases and we more easily achieve the results we want to achieve.

Be determined and hardworking to achieve your goals.

Po was humiliated and ignored by Master Shifu and his teammates due to his physical size and clumsiness. However, he never saw himself as talented as them. However, he never lost his self-confidence, his confidence and, above all, his desire to work. He continued to work and never gave up, as he was aware of the fact that he contributed to the development of this process even when he was beaten and beaten during his training with Master Shifu.

Because Po loved Kung Fu. He was confident in himself and knew that if he worked hard enough, he could overcome any difficulties and achieve his goals.

Difficulties exist in all areas of life.

If these difficulties are a turning point that makes them give up the goal they want to achieve for some, they are a step that allows them to improve. There is no reason for us to achieve the success we desire if we continue to fight resolutely and relentlessly in the difficulties we face.

Remember, nothing is impossible once you work hard and don’t give up.

Believe in yourself – The hidden power you seek is hidden within you

When the Dragon Scroll, which has been hidden for a long time to be given to the Dragon Warrior and believed to contain the secrets of life, is given to Po by Master Shifu, Po opens the scroll, thinking that he will reach the hidden secret. secrets. However, when looking at the scroll, Po, who only sees his own reflection instead of secret information, decides to flee to his father, thinking he cannot defeat the approaching enemy Tai Lung without this information. .

Seeing his son return unhappy with his disappointment, his father decides to tell him the “secret” formula of the noodles they have been making as a family business for generations;

Nothing.. There is no secret formula. To do something special, just believe it’s special.

Hearing this, Po takes steps to meet Tai Lung when he looks at the scroll again and sees his own reflection, realizing that he actually has what he is looking for outside.

We often believe that the resources we need are outside and that we cannot be successful if we cannot reach those resources. However, when we believe in ourselves and begin to act on that belief, our courage begins to increase, reminding us that we do in fact have all the resources we need.

When we begin to access those resources that are within us and are ready to serve us when we need them, we begin to live a life in which we are in control instead of a life dependent on the outside.

Yes, the message that Kung Fu Panda wants to convey to us is clear;

Believe that you can achieve the dreams you want to achieve and act on that belief.

If Kung Fu Panda can do it, so can you.

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