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Turkmenistan Prepares to Celebrate Horse Festival

The Horse Festival, which has been held in Turkmenistan every year since 1992, will be celebrated on Sunday, April 29.

April 19, 2018 2:20 p.m.

Due to the Turkmenistan Horse Festival to be held on April 29, various national and international conferences on horse culture, riding and horse breeding will be held, as well as various competitions and shows, exhibitions and activities. promotions ranging from racing to beauty.

Horse culture in Turkey

Throughout history, horses have been one of the most treasured symbols of the culture of Turks, especially Central Asian Turks… Horses have been the protagonists of many stories and epics. They have always dreamed of their heroes on horseback since Alp Er Tunga and Oğuz Kağan, the Turks. Kaşgarlı Mahmut, in Divan-ı Lügati’t Türk, “With a bird’s wing, with a private horse” said and “the wing of the Turkish horse” uses the phrase. Faruk Nafiz Camlibel, The black horse, tied with a thousand bits, rears up / The horse that the century believed to be bent rears up. With his verses, he compares the Turkish nation, which has soared in the national struggle, to a horse… Necip Fazıl Kısakürek, in his original work entitled Horse Symphony, “If you melt the heroes’ hearts like lead and pour them into water, the shape that will emerge is a horse.” said. Horses have almost become the compass and companion of the journey of the Turks from Central Asia to the Balkans. Most of the time, he took his owner on long journeys and fulfilled the role of a soldier in wars…

Understanding “Compassion” for Loyalty Horses

Turkmens have been the most important owners and protectors of equestrian culture for many years… Turkmen horses, which exist in almost all parts of the historical culture and social life of Turkmenistan, are of great importance.Therefore , there are many proverbs for horses in Turkmen culture. “Horse friendly, horse friendly” say the Turkmen. A similar proverb is:get up in the morning and see the horse, and after the time your horse” in the form of… In another proverb, . “First meringue oyin, meringue horse sonam” It’s said (first his house, his meringue, then his horse). They are told of the importance given to horses in Turkmen life, and that the next priority task after the house is to own a horse, feed it and train it. He is taught to show compassion for his company and respect for his loyalty.

The national treasure and pride of the Turkmen people, characteristics of Akhal Teke horses

Experts working on horses claim that Ahal Teke horses are the first horse breed domesticated by the Turkmens 3,000 years ago. The name of the “Ahal-Teke” horses, which is the national treasure and pride of the Turkmens, is due to the fact that they were bred by the “Teke” Turkmens living in the “Ahal” region, one of the 5 provinces of the land, and their lineage has been preserved by them. Turkmen people attach particular importance to Ahal Teke horses, which have a world-famous beauty with their features… Ahal Teke horses, which are distinguished by their upright posture, long slender neck, sloping shoulders, long back and long legs, have a soft mane and a body that shines in a slightly metallic way. Ahal goats have almond-shaped eyes because their eyes are mostly black and their ears are longer and slightly sickle-shaped than other horses. Extremely brave, intelligent, emotional and sometimes stubborn, these horses have very strong intuition. Ahal Teke horses, which are always attached to their owners, can detect even the smallest cues from their rider.

Turkmenistan is the only country with a Ministry of Horses

Turkmenistan, which works hard for the protection and promotion of Ahal Teke horses; The only country with a ministerial-level institution on horses… The institution of the State Union of Turkmen Horses is considered a “Horse Ministry” within the administrative structure of Turkmenistan and in front of the Turkmen people . For this reason, it is known as the only country in the world to have a horse ministry. It has been celebrated as a horse festival on the last Sunday of April in the country since 1992. Together with the Horse Festival; This precious animal, faithful to its rider, physically beautiful, sometimes showing intelligence, being able to be emotional or stubborn, and being able to convey certain human qualities through education, receives the value it deserves. The presence of a horse in the symbol of independent and neutral Turkmenistan is an important indicator of this cultural value attributed to it.

Special interest of the Turkmen leader for Akhal Teke horses

During the government of Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov, which began in 2007, the state’s emphasis on the subject and the budget allocated to horse breeding increased further. Various competitions and promotional activities, scientific conferences and fairs are organized each year on the occasion of the Horse Festival. These works carried out by Turkmenistan make a significant contribution to the recognition of equine culture and Ahal Teke horses in the world… The work of preserving the lineage of Ahal Teke horses and horse breeding is carried out by the Union of State of Turkmen Horses under the special auspices of the ruler of Turkmenistan. The Turkmen leader is a good rider, his interest and love for Ahal Teke horses; It ensures that more importance and attention is given to the infrastructure and training activities carried out in the country on this subject.

The Turkmenistan Horse Festival takes place on April 29…

Horse Day will be celebrated on Sunday, April 29 this year. National and international scientific conferences will be held on the occasion of the Horse Festival, as well as award-winning competitions ranging from beauty racing, various shows, exhibitions and promotional activities within the framework of the Horse Festival. Like every year, the Fête du Cheval celebrations should this year be the scene of colorful shows and exciting races.

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