The deadline for registering the 6 prohibited dog breeds is January 14

Animal Protection Law No. 7332, which came into force in July, is aimed at those who produce, exhibit, trade, enter the country, sell, advertise, exchange these animals, Pitbull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino , Fila Brasileiro species or their hybrids imposed a fine. According to the law, this penalty will increase to 14 thousand 982 TL in 2022 and the animals of those who act against the law will be confiscated and taken to municipal retirement homes.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, on the other hand, added the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Bully to the prohibited dog breeds with a circular issued in December.

These 6 breeds of dogs, called prohibited breeds, will be sterilized by their owners in municipal animal shelters or private veterinary clinics until January 14, and will be registered in the provincial and departmental directorates of agriculture. These animals cannot be walked without registration documents, muzzles and leashes, and cannot be taken to places of public concentration and children’s parks. Owners can leave animals of this breed at the nearest municipal retirement home if they are unable to care for them. Animal shelters will have to accept delivered animals under the new law amendment. An administrative fine of TL 30,000 will be imposed for 2021 on owners who leave these animals on the street without taking any action.

“Under no circumstances will they be able to take them out on the street without a muzzle, collar, sterilization”

The 1st Regional Director of Nature Conservation and National Parks, Fahrettin Ulu, recalled that significant changes have been made to the Animal Welfare Act regarding prohibited and endangered species, and new decisions were taken regarding stray animals and weakened animals in the following period.

It is stated that the entry, publicity and donation of the large, prohibited and dangerous American Pitbull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasilerio, Japanese species of Tosa are prohibited under the law, 11 thousand TL in 2021, 14 thousand 982 TL in 2022. He said a fine would be issued.

Recalling that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry issued a circular on how to enforce the law this month, Ulu said American Staffordshire Terrier and American Bully species have been added to these four prohibited species.

Expressing that they have hung posters on prohibited species in all places in 39 districts of Istanbul to raise awareness among citizens, Ulu gave the following information on how the law will be implemented under the circular :

“The owners will not be able to take these animals out in any case without a muzzle, collar or sterilization. The owners of animals will go to the provincial and departmental directorates of agriculture and begin the process of adopting the animals. They will create their sterilization, the registration and especially their digital identity. Once the digital identity has been created, they will be able to put their animals on the street. Those who do not comply with this procedure will be warned a first time, and in the second time, these animals will be confiscated. They will be placed in temporary animal shelters. One feature to consider is that when these animals go outside, they should not be brought into crowded environments where people are concentrated, especially in parks and where children are present. We require conformity. “

Administrative fine of 30 thousand TL for those who leave it on the street

Recalling that the 6-month period granted by the law published on July 14 on the ownership of these animals expired on January 14, Ulu said:

“During this period, animals not adopted, neutered or registered with a digital identity will be seized in collaboration with the municipalities, local administrations and law enforcement concerned. They will continue to live in animal shelters. January 14 is the deadline. I want to emphasize this once again. The main purpose here is to register all animals and create their digital identities. Administrative penalties of 30,000 TL will be imposed.

Municipal animal shelters will accept animals

Pointing out that pet owners may need to leave their pets in animal shelters as part of this process, Fahrettin Ulu said, “In this regard, it is the legal practice brought by law. For him, what is important here is if these animals are If their nutritional, nutritional and housing needs cannot be met, the animals must be placed in a temporary animal shelter. he said.

Explaining that with the amendment to the law, an important step has been taken for stray animals that have fallen into disrepair, Ulu said, “Until the end of 2022, all our metropolitan municipalities must establish temporary animal shelters. . create animal shelters and complete all the preparations, from recruiting staff to fitting out the interior. Weakened strays will be vaccinated, sterilized and released into their natural habitat after rehabilitation. This is an extremely important step for our country. made his assessment.

Ulu said that as the 1st Regional Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, they have carried out inspections of temporary animal shelters in this process, and as a ministry, they will provide full support. 40% of the project cost in the process. to establish temporary shelters for animals and in appropriation. He said this is an indication of the sensitivity with which the Ministry of Forestry is approaching this issue.

Ulu said the number of dogs registered as prohibited breeds in Istanbul is 850 and he predicts that this number will increase under the new circular.

Explaining that they continue to work on prohibited and dangerous animals in Istanbul and throughout the region, Ulu said that they gave this information in order not to affect the safety of citizens and children in this context, and that any the world was sensitive to this issue in order not to include the sad events in Gaziantep or many other places. He added that they wanted him to stay informed.

“We must attack people, not animals”

Lawyer Deniz Tavşancıl Kalafatoğlu, director of Istanbul Bar Association’s Animal Rights Center, said that the only species that should come to mind when the word ‘dangerous species’ is human, “But unfortunately , dangerous people have individual animals that have been made dangerous.” mentioned.

Stating that so-called Pitbulls and similar species are biologically strong, loyal and intelligent animals, and that they can be violent at the hands of the wrong people, Kalafatoğlu said, “People with low socio-economic power use these animals as weapons.” This makes them stronger to walk. he said.

Kalafatoğlu said the narrow scope of the amendment to the Animal Welfare Law, removing animals from the scope of property and bringing them into the scope of life, and punishing animals with violence, killing deliberate, sexual abuse, rape and fighting is a very valuable and important step. He said they will keep fighting and their hands are stronger with this law right now.

Prohibited species given until January 14

Referring to the dangerous dog regulations, Kalafatoğlu continues:

“We’ve always said don’t ban it. Let’s get a license like it’s a gun license, increase control, increase control. Because it’s more dangerous to ban something thing, to bring what’s above the ground, underground. You can’t eliminate it. Each of these animals would be healthier if they were registered and tracked. A 6-month grace period has been granted. Those who own these animals before July 14 will have their animals spayed, microchipped, registered with agricultural district directions, and obtained passports until January 14. Now they will walk around these animals with their collars and mouthpieces on, as well as their passports.

If they break these rules, there is a fine of 11,000 TL. In the second warning, a fine of 11 thousand TL is again, but this time the animal is confiscated. If people have never registered their animal, they will be fined 11,000 TL and the animal will be confiscated. Owners, don’t abandon your animals. There is a 30,000 TL fine for abandoning these animals. The penalty for abandoning cats and dogs is 2,000 TL. Remember to register your animals. Don’t fall for their blood either, because after January 14, these animals will be confiscated.”

“There is an uncontrolled production and sale”

Stating that with the new law, the distinction between owner and ownerless animals has been abolished and the concept of pets and pets has been introduced, Kalafatoğlu said, “These must be microchipped and registered with a digital ID. They will be processed in the PETVET. However, dangerous breeds must be registered with the departmental directorates of agriculture. noted.

Pointing out that according to Animal Welfare Law No. 5199, which has been in force for 17 years, each district must have a retirement home, all street animals must be sterilized, vaccinated and fed. They buy animals with enthusiasm for three days. Three days later I have allergies, I can’t watch them, they say it’s hard to take them and leave them on the street. The population has arrived at a certain place, necessarily. There is abandonment to the forests. It is forbidden to leave the forest. We are also worried about these bad experiences. If everyone obeys the law, that’s a problem. It will not happen. he said.

Legislation imposed the obligation of retirement homes on municipalities

Stating that although there are nursing homes in some districts of Istanbul, not all of them have established nursing homes, Kalafatoğlu recalled that according to the regulation introduced in the law, metropolitan municipalities and municipalities of 25 000 to 75,000 inhabitants must establish retirement homes. houses until December 31, 2024.

Kalafatoğlu said that according to the regulation accompanying the new law, metropolitan municipalities should allocate three per thousand and other municipalities five per thousand for 3 years, adding that if followed, nursing homes can be established and animals will have to then be collected for digital recording.

Stating that after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s speech, municipalities started collecting stray animals despite the lack of a nursing home, which made animal lovers nervous, Kalafatoğlu said: “I believe that It is an act of sterilization in case of mobilization. Because that’s what we The law came out in that sense, the circular. It was published accordingly. Municipalities must do business according to the law. The retirement home is a temporary station. The retirement home is not an animal’s natural habitat. on the ground and wander.” mentioned.

Kalafatoğlu added that from December 31, 2022, live cats and dogs will no longer be sold in pet stores, they will be purchased from production farms authorized by the ministry, so there will be no problem about it in 3-4 years.

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