Sequoia Tree Information

There are many species of living beings in our world, each more interesting than the next, worth seeing and recognizing. Among plants, perhaps the most interesting species of trees are redwoods, which attract attention with their gigantic size.

In New York, where everyone has seen at least once, even a photograph. Statue of Liberty think. or Istanbul Galata Tower Visualize your majesty. It can be even larger than such structures. redwoodsIt is one of the tree species that has most attracted the attention of botanists.

main habitats North America Redwoods, which are cultivated and even tried to grow in Turkey for some time, have very interesting characteristics. Let’s take a look at the curious and interesting features of redwoods.

Interesting facts about redwoods:

  • It is the type of tree with the thickest bark in the world.
  • It has huge dimensions.
  • Wet Black Sea soils may be suitable for Sequoia.
  • He likes solitude.
  • Forest fires and disease do not scare redwoods.
  • It’s not as big as you think underground.
  • There is a sequoia named after the “maniacal general”.
  • It can live for centuries.
  • It is in their interest to break or cut the branch.

One of the reasons it can be so majestic: Redwoods are the thickest-barked tree species in the world.

The bark of a giant sequoia is much thicker than the bark of any tree we know of. Because it has such thick bark, the redwood is very much compared to other trees. more sustainable it might be. In addition, the shells, in resin or Does not contain any substance that facilitates combustion. Consequently, during a possible fire, the flames cannot reach the interior of the tree. Shellfish hated by insects thuja powder Since it is covered in scum, there is no possibility of insect invasion and damage.

Even a car can cross it: it has gigantic dimensions.


One of the first characteristics of redwood trees to become so famous is that they in gigantic proportions is to be able to access it. To grab his body more than 12 a large number of people may need to hold hands. Registered to date largest sequoia Hyperion It is a natural wonder. Hyperion Height is 115 meters and this is roughly equivalent to the height of two Galata towers. The tallest redwood tree is named after a general in the US Army called “maniac”. General Therman tree. This tree is 32 meters in diameter and a big car can cross it very easily.


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It likes moist and cool soils: redwoods can grow in the Black Sea.

black sea redwood

home of the redwoods is North America. Although it has already been seen in the Chinese region, its habitat, which is one of the most suitable areas for cultivation, is the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Redwoods are a type of tree that requires a lot of patience to mature. But it’s also worth ripening so late. between 2000 and 3000 years they can live. Such a majestic tree in all its aspects can grow in Turkey, but its size cannot reach those of its homeland. He lives in Turkey because he likes moist soil very much. Black Sea can be grown in the region.

An antisocial tree: Sequoias do not like the presence of another tree around them.

antisocial redwood

yes, redwoods loves solitude. He doesn’t like having any other type of tree around him and can cause the trees next to him to rot. Although it is huge, it does not take up much space under the ground. Its roots do not penetrate too deeply into the ground. However, the area it covers on the ground is too large. He does not like having another tree with him because if he has to share soil minerals with other trees, his strength may be weakened and he may even die.

Pain that doesn’t kill makes it stronger: For redwoods, fires and disease are not scary.

fire redwood

In a moderate wildfire, other trees around the redwoods may be ash, but this will cause the redwoods to burn even more. strengthen It can even cause. During a fire, it first destroys bushes and dead wood on the ground. Therefore, seedlings can grow upside down. very rich in nutrients ash sheets. Forest officials tried to put out the fires in the redwood for a while. Then they saw that the redwoods didn’t grow like they used to. This revealed that fire was a contributing factor in the development of redwoods.

In contrast, redwoods It is also very disease resistant. which boosts immunity ‘tannin’ Thanks to the chemical component of its name, redwoods are protected against most diseases.


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Its majesty does not continue underground: Its roots are not as long as it seems.


The roots of sequoias, despite their gigantic size, are not so important. does not penetrate deep into the ground. However, since the area it covers is very large, it cannot tolerate other trees next to it. It also has seeds that are surprisingly small for their size.

A maniacal general: General Sherman Tree


by his unit, which served in the American Civil War ‘mad general’ supposedly sinner There is a general named This general too 83 meters high It also gives its name to a sequoia in the American national park with its gigantic structure. It is now famous for being the largest single-trunked tree in the world and is approx. lived 2000 years is considered.


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A living witness to historical events: They can live for centuries.


Besides being the tallest tree in the world longest living tree are also redwoods. A sequoia can live up to 2000 years on average. Longest life record belongs to General Sherman’s tree. In short, redwoods live long enough to be portrayed as living witnesses to historical events.

It works for you: Cutting the branch is no problem for redwoods.


One of the most surprising characteristics of redwoods is that they are found just under the bark. cambium It is the ability to fire when light hits called living tissue. If a redwood if you cut or tear off a branchIt begins to grow even more than before giving an edible shoot branch from this place.

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