Sales period for (private) farm cats and dogs begins, allegation that illegal sales of cats and dogs could increase

Pet store owner Yaşar Altuğ Kandemir, as new regulations are being drafted regarding the sale of animals in Turkey following the amendment to the Animal Welfare Law, asserted that “the sale animals on hand will increase in the future”.
The amendment to the Animal Welfare Law so that animals in Turkey live a healthier life was enacted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on July 9, 2021. With the law, the sale of cats and dogs in the Pet stores will be prohibited, and pets may be sold until July 14, 2022. After that date, pet sales can be made online or through the catalog.

“With this law, sales of dogs and cats will increase”
Yaşar Altuğ Kandemir, who has owned a pet store in Eskişehir for 25 years, said there are too many loopholes in this law. Emphasizing that sales will not decrease with the enactment of the law, Kandemir said: “After 6 months, the sale of dogs in pet stores will be banned. It will be free to sell from the catalog or from the computer, and anyone can sell it that way. All pet stores will start selling cats and dogs. Everyone will receive a catalog. When you ask for something, it will say “Yes, there is”. Then he will direct you to the farm. Only the location of the dog or cat will change. It will be sold everywhere. So nothing will change and it will only get worse. This way, at least, there will be no such control mechanism in the farm, while everyone will see and inspect us. They just come from the Ministry of Agriculture and watch. He also says “ok” to everyone he sees. This is not a ban on the sale of cats and dogs. “It’s just about the change of location,” he said.

“People can do whatever they want on the farm”
Claiming the state is lacking in farm inspections, Kandemir said, “The farms are privately owned, I get what I want by saying, ‘He has a disease, I don’t know what’s wrong. “I don’t let what I want. Only the Ministry of Agriculture comes once a month, but not in the public eye. People will be able to do what they want on the farm. When the men come inspect, they will look. Once approved, there will be no problem. It will not change anything either. People will buy animals from people who still make alsat. It is not possible to have every dog ​​on every farm. Visiting a farm today, if you look at it differently in terms of variety and breed, there are 10, let’s take 20. You know, there are 200 dogs, but when you consider them like different races it’s 20. There are many kinds of races where will they come from, c how will they come? The logic of the pet shop is to determine the most suitable breed for people’s living conditions. There is no luck on the farms. Now I bring it licensed and certified accordingly. Here we save them all. The Ministry of Agriculture is coming, we have a veterinarian. You can come check it out. All my dogs are already there right now. A passerby can also complain to me when something inappropriate happens. How will he complain about the farm? I’m talking about the inappropriate ones. I’m not saying for those who do their job properly. For example, there is Eskişehir. There are two very cool places that you can visit whenever you want, but other than that, you can’t control all the places. The man builds a small office next to you and brings you animals. Where does it come from, where is it produced, how is it produced? Nobody knows,” he said.

“Internet fraud will increase”
Expressing that inspections should increase, Kandemir continued his statement as follows;
“Everyone is going to start getting scammed. At least my place is clear, my house is clear. Online fraud will increase when people can no longer officially buy animals from us. It’s the same now, they can’t stop it right now. There are people who even take a picture of me and share it. Other crooks will emerge. So, cat or dog, everyone will be a victim. There will be cats and dogs everywhere. We say, let them squeeze us more. They come to see me every day. That they consult the documents, that they go to the farms, block the producers at home. There are also 1520 dog keepers in his house, and there are those who keep them in his garden, but those who take care of strays are different, and those who guard breeds are different. The man says ‘why should I have a chip?’ He raises animals in the basement of his house. It does not register the animals, does not vaccinate them. The law has all kinds of flaws. People who buy it must somehow get a document first. Let him get the dog food certificate, and I’ll comfortably sell him to everyone. First and foremost, the buying party must be notified.

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