Pet Market Hits $1 Billion – Last Minute Economy News

Petzoo Eurasia, the international exhibition for pet materials and accessories suppliers, will be held from October 21 to 24 at the Istanbul Exhibition Center.

Stating that the pet products market exceeds $300 billion globally and Turkey’s total volume is approaching the $1 billion limit, fair organizer Petzoo, general manager of national fairs, Selçuk Çetin said: “This market, which is experiencing a continuous growth trend, has now become a large sector expressed in billions of dollars. ” said.

Stating that about one in 10 households in Turkey owns a pet, Selçuk Çetin said, “The products and services offered for pets, which are almost considered as members of the family, have continuously developed and created a huge market. The market, which is growing every year, is expected to exceed $1 billion in 2023. Various products and services are offered in many different fields such as animal feed, pet food, sand, toys, cosmetics and care, health and cleaning products, as well as special clothing, insurance, hotels and hairdressing.


Selcuk Cetin, Managing Director of National Fairs, the organizer of the Petzoo fair, drew attention to the growing volume of the sector’s market each year and said: “Cats, dogs, birds, fish and similar animals are kept in one of Turkey’s 10 households. Our friends at home are part of the family. Therefore, products and services for them have become an absolute necessity. This market, which tends to grow continuously, has now become a vast sector expressed in billions of dollars. While many business sectors were in a difficult situation during the pandemic process, on the contrary, one of the most growing was the pet products sector. While the average annual growth of the Turkish pet products and services market is around 15%, this rate increased to 50% during the pandemic period. Çetin explained the reason for this situation as “people who have had to spend more time with their pets during the pandemic have focused on their needs”.


“Now all kinds of pet products and services can be produced in Turkey,” Çetin said. He even began to have his say abroad. Turkey’s pet products industry continues to grow by increasing investment in technology and facilities day by day, and we now have companies exporting to more than 60 countries. I believe that we will become a brand country in the near future and become a big industry.


“We aim to attract the attention of the industry and all animal lovers in 2021,” Çetin said, noting that the fair has served as a locomotive for the development of the industry, and said:

“Petzoo, the meeting point for the domestic and international pet products industry, is an organization focused on market growth, industry development and increased exports. We managed to attract visitors from 45 countries to Turkey in 2019 with our publications and fairs which have been running for many years. As the most important organization in the Eurasian region in the long term, we aim to increase the perception of Turkey in the global market. We also contribute to increasing the number of pet owners and animal health in Turkey. In this sense, our fairs and publications are also very important for the consumer to encounter professional care and follow developments.

Food, pet food, toys, cosmetics, care products, supporting health products, sand, aquarium, cleaning products, clothing and special accessories will be presented to pet owners at the fair, where the latest products and services for many species of pets such as cats, dogs, birds and fish will be exhibited. . It is expected to be the scene of colorful scenes with animal-friendly cat and dog competitions, various shows, pet fashion shows, breed competitions, hairdresser competitions for pets and special events organized by associations and federations. Petzoo Eurasia, the international exhibition for pet products, materials and accessories suppliers, can be visited at the Istanbul Exhibition Center between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. for 4 days from October 21 to 24.

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