New standards have been made for horse tours in Cappadocia, where not everyone will be able to race a “horse” in Cappadocia

In the Cappadocia region, unlicensed horse farms will be closed and horses will be registered with the standards brought to horse riding tours, which attract great attention from domestic and foreign tourists.
After the hot air balloon and mountain bike sports and sightseeing tours in the “land of beautiful horses in Cappadocia”, the procedures and principles of riding have been redefined by the Cappadocia region presidency. Standards have been established in many areas such as registration of horses, in particular living space, certification of attendants, insurance of horses and riders, tour routes and age of horses.

“Horses will be chipped”
In accordance with the decision taken by the Presidency of the Cappadocia region, a photo ID will be issued to horses participating in horseback riding. Horses with an identity document were registered in the company’s animal information system and it was made compulsory to carry a microchip, which contains all the horse’s information. In addition, in the decision taken, an age restriction was introduced for the horses that will operate in the circuits. The youngest of the horses that will go on tour will be 5 years old, while the oldest will be 20 years old.

“The horses will also be insured”
In the event of accidents that may occur during the horseback tours, accident insurance and financial liability insurance for the staff and tourists participating in the horseback tours will be compulsory, while the horses who will participate in the tour will be insured.

“Not everyone will be able to race a ‘horse’ in Cappadocia”
In the decision, which brought certain standards to those who will lead the horseback rides, the guide was obliged to have a riding or trainer’s license and to obtain a first aid certificate as well as a course certificate. psychotechnical. In addition, in the decision taken, the procedures and principles of horse farms and open and closed areas where horses will be found were also determined. The company authorized in the decision, at the point of departure where the tour will begin; In terms of horse health and safety, a minimum of 300 square meters will be created for each horse. In the equestrian center for tourist purposes; The area of ​​free movement of the horse (Padok) will be shaded. Seasonal protection area, horse work area, quarantine area, fodder storage area, office, waiting area, horse care area, tack room, equipment and repair room, horse walk, sink and room rest of the companion or the groom are also compulsory. .

“Tourists are also satisfied with the decision taken”
Mustafa Gökpınar, who organizes horseback riding tours in Cappadocia, weighed the decisions; “We have a farm in Cappadocia, the land of beautiful horses. We serve our guests who come 12 months of the year to this farm. Tourism continues here for 12 months. It’s a bit more during the summer months, and during the winter months it becomes rare. There are approximately 1012 horse farms in our region. A few of them are allowed and one of them is us. The Presidency of the Cappadocia region has started a new project in our region. Trying to make the trusses uniform here, some frames have been drawn. I believe that these standards will allow us to better accommodate our customers who come to Cappadocia and provide us with better service.
Stating that the demand for horse tourism has increased in the Cappadocia region in recent years, Gökpınar said, “The presidency of the region has brought certain criteria to our farms in terms of service of horse tourism. The aim here is to ensure that the horses are in better health and we think it will be good for us to better welcome our guests. In winter, equestrian tourism is a bit more popular. Because the interior of the valley is a little more difficult and bumpy in winter. It is easier to enter this valley with horses. In this way we show our guests the tracks with horses and provide a service.

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