Is your cat cheating on you or is he really “your cat”?

They say, “You can’t choose the cat, the cat chooses you.” This is also true in England, where the concept of a ‘street cat’ does not exist, and where, with rare exceptions, all cats are ‘officially owned’. What if a pushy cat knocks on your door? Anisa Subedar seeks the answer to this question.

It all started 18 months ago, on a warm summer evening, when a pair of wide-open eyes appeared on the kitchen door, accompanied by demanding meows.

When I approached, he did not back down. He even seemed quite pleased when I shot him a squeaky, ridiculous baby monologue like “Oh my God, a little spoon-faced boy” or something.

And when I scratched the back of his soft, gray ears, not to mention running away, he rolled onto his back and opened his soft white belly to me and started moaning in pleasure.

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