How much does the Panda Cross 4×4 cost? What are its features and hardware?

Panda Cross 4×4 It is one of the most curious models with its characteristics and price. “Cupflex” Offering functionality and style as well as its design, the Panda Cross 4×4 off-road vehicle offers functionality and comfort in difficult road conditions. Offering different alternatives from its design to its technical characteristics, the Panda Cross is one of the assertive models in its segment with its new image and its high level of optional 4×4 equipment. So how much is the Panda Cross 4×4 price? What are its features? Here’s everything about the vehicle…

Fiat Panda has 3 versions. These are the Urban, Cross and Cross 4×4. Cross 4×4 can be purchased as a plus package.

Features of Panda Cross 4×4

Panda Cross, which has the characteristics of an easy-to-use and agile SUV in the city, has 6 airbags. The tractive power and torque power that determine its performance, especially uphill, is 146. The Panda Cross, which is produced with a higher and wider body diameter compared to the old model, has a steel panel on the front bumper to protect the engine against repercussions.

Thanks to the electronically locking differential and the driving mode, the Panda can be adapted to the desired road condition. There are three modes in total in the vehicle;

Normal driving: Traction is automatically distributed between the front and rear axles, depending on road conditions.

4X4 traction system: Thanks to the Electronically Locking Differential (ELD), the engine torque is transferred to the wheels with the best grip among the 4 wheels at all times.

Downhill Assist: With Downhill Assist, it has the automatic braking function by controlling the downhill speed of the vehicle even on slippery road conditions on steep descents.

The cross-country high-capacity vehicle has a weight of up to 1000 kg. It wouldn’t be fair to say big for the luggage of Panda Cross, which can achieve great things in the field thanks to its lightness. The luggage volume of the Panda Cross is 225 liters. However, when the seats are folded down, it increases to 870 liters.

It is possible to see the expression “panda” frequently in the design of the car. The panda writing on the trunk is also very small and densely written on the texture of the car door.

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The Spanish electric charging company Wallbox has presented its new level 2 charging station, which allows drivers to fully charge their electric vehicles in around 4 hours.

rear seats

The rear windows of the Panda Cross are opened manually by turning the lever. It may not be correct to say that it is too small for the rear part. The rear part, high and sufficient on average for headroom, can become insufficient in terms of space after a while on long journeys. There are three cup holders in the middle for the rear passengers.

front seats

Inside the door is a large compartment for gear such as a water bottle and goggle charging cable, depending on the vehicle. In front of the seat next to the driver’s seat there is another compartment in the form of an alcove, where things placed in it will not fall out. The vehicle’s glove box is also very wide and deep. The front door windows, which can be lowered automatically, have an automatic closing function only for the driver when it comes to the closing part. Note that the driver’s seat is also height adjustable.

Fiat Panda 4×4 Cross You Connect functionality

There is a phone holder above the air conditioner. It is because the car “panda you sign” have functionality. It should also be noted that there is a USB port on the side of the stand.

After connecting the phone and selecting the mobile option on the screen that appears, the radio and sound settings can be made. waze browsing is available. Many other features such as car location, service information, emergency call, Spotify are offered. It should be added that the vehicle has an automatic air conditioning function.


The total weight of the two-cylinder engine of the Panda Cross is 85 kg. The engine in question has been deemed worthy of accolades such as the most environmentally friendly and low-burning engine and the best engine of the year. A city SUV with a front and rear bumper design and roof rails that can handle light off-road conditions. It does not compromise on safety with the 6 standard airbags.

Fiat Panda Cross 4X4 Price

Currently, the price of the Fiat Panda Cross is 194,900 TL. With the ‘Plus’ package, the price of the vehicle changes. Panda Cross 4×4 has an additional package option. The additional features included in the package called the Plus package are as follows:

• Chrome-look front-rear bumpers, side moldings and roof rails
• Red towing eyes on the front bumper
• Body-colour mirror caps
• 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels
• New interior trim in brown and gray tones
• Chrome details on steering wheel and dashboard

Features of Panda Urban

Panda Urban, once again the unique Panda design “Cupflex” A car with functionality and style with its design. The vehicle, which offers advantages with its rounded lines and minimalist design, offers some useful features to its users, although it is not as diverse as Panda Cross. The vehicle has 4 airbags in total. Panda Urban also includes hill start assist. Panda Urban, which includes Uconnec, MP3/USB/radio technologies, also has the complete ABS braking assistance system. There are 4 cylinders in the engine part of the vehicle.

Fiat Panda Urban Price

Fiat Panda Urban price at the moment zero km 143,900TL. You can check the tables for more numerical and technical information about Panda releases:

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