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Commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte.

“Zeitgeist (Spirit of the Times)” German philosopher Friedrich Hegel, who signed Napoleon’s speech “History on Horseback” and described it as:

“With his campaigns and battles he invented military tactics and strategies. By conquering the continent, he upset the feudal order of Europe. He died a romantic world hero and doomed tyrant, consumed by insatiable arrogance and selfishness.

Napoleon, the French “an icon of national pride.”

It’s epic with its rise and fall.


Napoleon was captured by the British at the Battle of Waterloo, which he lost.

He spent his last years in exile on an island in the middle of the Atlantic.

His ashes rest in the invalide, where great French heroes are buried.

It is under a magnificent mausoleum.

In 1940, Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, paid a glorious visit to occupied France.


He also came to Napoleon’s tomb “I am very excited” he said.

French President Macron to covet the votes of French nationalists in the next election “200th anniversary of his death” As part of Napoleon’s tomb, he went to pay his respects.

“Glorified Celebration” do not, “glorified memorial” he said he did.

“The Emperor Napoleon can be both the soul of the world and the devil of Europe” noted.

This “both praise and demonization” let me open…

The majestic mausoleum of Napoleon.


The pros first…

Napoleon is one of the greatest geniuses of war in the history of the world.

Atatürk also carefully studied his war strategies and tactics.

While France was in chaos, Napoleon rose to power as a young general.

He conquered all of Europe.

He made his brothers kings of the lands he had conquered.

But he didn’t stop… His passion knew no bounds.

He also tried to conquer Russia.

Years later he made the mistake that Stalin repeated and entered Russia.

His soldiers were crushed by cold and starvation.

He came back devastated.



Its size was not limited to battlefields.

“The Century of Napoleon”Let me introduce you to some of the pros written by Everett Rummage, the creator of…

Napoleon’s Modern Bureaucracy

synonym of state.

– Meritocracy (merit)

– Liberal property rights

– Civil service and equality before the law

– The civil code known as the “Napoleon Code”

– Ancient Egyptian writing
to be deciphered by his order…

rummage “Napoleon was the forerunner of the modern world with his innovations” said.


And “The disadvantages of Napoleon…”

He caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people due to the constant battles to fulfill his ambitions.

France in its time “It’s the only country in the world to abolish slavery and then readmit it.” (The permanent abolition of slavery became possible in 1848.)

In the colonial wars, the blood of the people, 70% of whom were black, was on their hands.

Gas was used on Napoleon’s orders to quell riots in Santo Domingo, dogs were released for manhunts, massacres were carried out using dirty new techniques.

According to historian Marlene L. Daut, Napoleon said in 1799:

“I’m with white people because I’m white, for no other reason.

And it’s for good reason.

How can we give freedom to Africans who have no civilization?

Napoleon is applauded for creating the civil code, but what he brought “racist laws?”

“Marriage between blacks and whites, the entry of blacks and mulattoes into France” banned.

“The Emancipation of the Jews” put an end to discriminatory measures.

Women lost their gains from the French Revolution under Napoleon.

married woman “cannot work, travel, sign a contract without their husband’s permission” they became.

Husbands under Napoleon – without legal consequences – “the right to harass and rape women” given.


Rokhaya Diallo at the Washington Post “The fact that France always blesses Napoleon in the world of Me too and Black Lives Matter is an insult to anyone who supports human rights today” he wrote.

story on horseback

Half “Emperor Napoleon”, the other half “Napoleon in exile…”


Occasionally “Speak true, uncensored, as we feel” means “Let’s talk without gloves” we say.

This speech was delivered for the first time – in Napoleon’s Russian campaign.

Let me say…

The Russians are constantly retreating against the Napoleonic armies. As they retreated, they set fire to the wheat fields and starved the French. And to the Russian cold as poison…

The soldier is starving, miserable, sick from the cold that penetrates his bones. Napoleon climbs onto a high platform to boost morale and shouts to his soldiers:

“To endure, to be a text, to defy the cold…”

At Napoleon’s call, the soldiers “woven” there are not any. Only the voice of a corporal rises and resounds. “General, let’s talk without gloves…”

Napoleon looks at his fur gloves with shame.

His soldiers are dressed in tattered clothes and their gloved hands are white with cold.


The birthplace of Napoleon’s first wife, Josephine, is the Caribbean island of Martinique.

There was a statue of Josephine there.

He was beheaded in 1991.

Red paint was ritually thrown every year.

If last year “Black Lives Matter” During their protest, the demonstrators completely destroyed the statue. of Napoleon “indigenous massacre” still in their memory.


Napoleon was born in Corsica. The Corsicans do not feel French.

This is why they have been fighting for independence for centuries. The Corsicans do not like Napoleon.

I visited the house where he was born. He was overlooked.

I later found out why.

The Corsicans wanted Napoleon, who was one of them, to become an officer in France, to become a general, to declare his empire, and“violently repress the Corsican independence movement” they cannot forgive.

story on horseback

The decapitated statue of Napoleon’s first wife, Josephine, in Martinique.

story on horseback

Napoleon was born in this house. It is written on the marble slab that Napoleon was born in this house.

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