Features and price list of the new Fiat Panda Cross

The Fiat Panda Cross 4×4, which entered our country with the claim of the most affordable and accessible 4×4 sold in Turkey, is distinguished by its incredibly low weight and successful off-road performance. We take a closer look at the features and price list of the Fiat Panda Cross 4×4, which is similar to Land Rover models in terms of exterior design and ergonomic structure.

In fact, the Fiat Panda Cross model, which has been in production for a long time, was offered for sale in our country with its renewed design in 2019. The successor to the 4×4 Climbing model Fiat Panda Cross 4×4It is described as an earth monster with its high torque for its low weight and its approach/departure slopes.

The Fiat Panda Cross 4×4, which is mainly used as a weekend and activity vehicle due to its low price, especially in Europe, is also offered for sale in our country. cheapest 4×4 models. If you’re ready, skip to subtitles. Features and prices of the Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 Let’s take a detailed look.


Exterior design: small but ingenious

When looking at the Fiat Panda Cross 4×4, which has a very compact exterior design, the first points that jump out are, detailed chrome It has front and rear bumpers. Door bumpers with the same design are on the sides with the 4×4 Cross lettering on them. While these protective bumpers provide integrity between them, the vehicle’s roof rails also add to that integrity with chrome detailing.

Apart from the protective bumpers, the rest of the vehicle is also available in color integrity, resulting in an eye-pleasing design. When we look at the front of the vehicle, we see a very simple design. While the fog lights are located just below the standard headlights used in the Panda series, the front bumper also serves as the grille for the radiator. Fiat Panda Cross 4×4In general, it has a small but very nice design.

Interior design: lines reminiscent of an airplane cockpit

Fiat Panda Cross 4x4

When we enter the vehicle, we are greeted by a simple and functional cabin with plenty of storage for the driver and passenger. When looking at the driver’s console, the chrome color used on the exterior of the vehicle is also found here on the front console. Starting with the dials and continuing to the radio, this detailed chrome design divides the front driver’s console into three and a small vehicle information display exist.

Fiat Panda Cross 4x4 interior design

Apart from that, the car comes with artificial leather and fabric seats. Our steering wheel is leather. On the central console, there is a radio with a very simple design and physical control keys. Unfortunately, Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 does not have a touchscreen infotainment system. Instead, you can connect your phone and use it as a trip computer with Uconnect technology. smartphone holder It is placed above the center console. There is a USB port in the tank of this smartphone holder.


Hill Holder (hill start assist system):

fiat panda cross hill take off

Essential for cars with manual transmission hill start assist system The Fiat Panda Cross is gaining in importance in 4×4. This system, which brakes automatically up to the point of clutch engagement, avoids recoil and prevents possible accidents during take-off on steep terrain.

ABS and EBD:

fiat panda cross 4x4

Especially in dense sandy and snowy land, although abs Although it is little used, it is one of the essential safety measures for driving in the city. Electronic brake power distribution working with ABS. DBE On the other hand, it uses ABS sensors to balance the brake pressure given to the front and rear wheels. Thanks to these two technologies, the vehicle has better braking performance both on light terrain and on the road.

HDC (Hill Descent Support System):

panda cross 4x4 hdc

The Hill Descent Assist System, which we can describe as a safety measure when applicable and a comfort vehicle when applicable, provides great convenience when descending difficult inclines in the terrain. HDC When the system is active, when you begin to descend a slope, the system will automatically activate and take over gas/brake control and take you down the slope safely.

Other security measures:

safety fiat panda cross 4x4

Unfortunately, Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 does not offer security measures with advanced and new technologies due to its price and segment. But in most off-road conditions, it has enough precaution not to let drivers down.

In addition to what we have mentioned, Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 has standard safety measures for driving such as the emergency brake assist (BAS) system, the electronic stability program (ESP), the traction control (ASR), electronic differential lock (ELD) and MSR. In addition to these, there are other standard safety measures such as 6 driver and passenger airbags, ISOFIX child seat protection lock and tire pressure monitoring system.


fiat panda cross 4x4 multimedia

The Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 does not have a touchscreen multimedia display, which can be purchased in-house or later. Instead of disconnect You get a smartphone holder with technology. This smartphone holder comes standard. The principle of operation of the Uconnect smartphone holder is very simple.

You download the Uconnect app to your smartphone and stay connected. In this application you can observe the service, fuel and all other information of your vehicle. Moreover, with this application, you can use your phone as a multimedia tool by controlling the music system, radio, navigation and similar applications.

Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 equipment packages:

Fiat Panda Cross 4x4 equipment packages

  • Fiat Panda Cross 4×4
  • Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 Plus

Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 actually comes with an additional equipment package, which is not considered a hardware package. Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 Plus In addition to the regular Fiat Panda Cross 4×4, the pack includes 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels and chrome details of the front and rear protective bumpers that we mentioned in the exterior design part. Also, in the Plus package, the mirrors are the same color as the body and a drawbar is added to the front bumper. Apart from these, all other hardware and security measures we have mentioned as standard come.

Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 performance, engine and fuel consumption:

Fiat Panda Cross 4x4 performance

Only one engine is used in the Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 and Plus package. This motor is quite small. 0.9 liters and 85 horsepower in strength. This engine, which has received numerous awards, has 2 cylinders and 145 Nm of torque. Thanks to this torque, the Fiat Panda Cross 4×4, which weighs only 1,000 kilos, is quite comfortable in the field. 0.9 liter petrol with 6-speed manual transmission twinair This engine accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers in 12 seconds.

0.9 Twinair 85 HP Petrol:

fiat panda cross 4x4 fuel consumption

  • Average (lt/100km): 5.1
  • Urban (lt/100km): 5.4
  • Extra-urban (lt/100km): 4.9

Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 2021 price list:

Fiat Panda Cross 4x4 2021 Price List

  • Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 194 900 TL
  • Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 Plus 203 900 TL

It stands out for its small size, low fuel consumption and off-road capabilities that cannot be expected from its size. Fiat Panda Cross 4×4We have come to the end of our content where we take a closer look at the features of . Don’t forget to share your opinions about Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 and points you like about Fiat Panda Cross 4×4 in the comment section.

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