Exciting anticipation for the greatest of horse racing

The Turkish horse racing derby, held in the name of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk since 1927. Gazi raceyouThe countdown continues for the 94th.

Work continues intensively for the 94th Gazi Race, which will be held on Sunday August 30 at the Veliefendi racecourse.

As the Jockey Club of Turkey takes its measures due to the outbreak of new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), the jockeys are working for the top spot in the biggest horse racing organization with their intense training program.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) about Gazi’s 94th race, Ahmet Özbelge, general secretary of the Jockey Club of Turkey, said the races, which have been running continuously since 1927, will take place this year on August 30, the day of victory, and said: “The 94th Gazi Race, which we will organize, is the biggest race in Turkey. It is one of the sports organizations. Since the foals were born, everyone has one goal: to race and win the Gazi Race.” noted.

Recalling that horses can only participate in this race once, Özbelge said: “Therefore, there is a festive atmosphere among horse owners and the equestrian community. This year we took the race which was to to take place from June to a more meaningful day due to the pandemic. We will race on August 30, VE day, we are very excited. We are sad at the same time, we will not be able to be with the fans of running due to the pandemic. Running is a spectacle sport, it is very nice with the public. It is the only sport that two living beings do together. I hope that we will make up for the troubles we have had due to this year’s pandemic with better organizations and wider participation in the years to come.” he said.

Explaining that the Gazi Race was a scene of great excitement and fun, Özbelge continued:

“From the conception of the horse’s mother to its birth, education and arrival in the field, the only goal is the Gazi Race. There is no greater honor than winning the Gazi Race, organized in the name of the Great Leader Ataturk.”

Recalling that jockey Ahmet Çelik has won the Gazi Race for the past 5 years, Özbelge said: “Ahmet Çelik has achieved unbreakable successes in recent years. I wish jockeys success. There are many factors in racing of horses. There are horses, people, luck, intelligence and tactics.” used the sentences.

“We will only hold an award ceremony for the Gazi Run”

Pointing out that they canceled the award ceremonies during the epidemic period, Özbelge said, “There is a protocol given by the Ministry of Health. We are following this protocol strictly during the pandemic process. We will also comply with the day of the Gazi Run.” We will hold an award ceremony only for the veterans’ run. By keeping a social distance and wearing our masks; just like the Başakşehir championship trophy. Bayern Munich won the trophy in the Champions League, we will lead this organization more carefully than them.” he said.

The measures taken during the epidemic will also be strictly applied in the Gazi Race. Only 3 people will be able to participate in the social distancing circle created in the paddock section.

Commenting on the measures, Özbelge said:

“Fans of the race get mad at us and say, ‘I never missed this race, I want to watch it’. But we can’t do anything. We carry the responsibility of a big family. The 82 break days for the Turk There are horse owners, grooms, jockeys. “We have gatherers, herbivores, veterinarians, the pharmaceutical industry, farriers and those who produce horseshoes. They suffered great damage. We don’t want them hurt. by relaxing the measures.

Ahmet Çelik, the champion of the last 5 years, asserts himself as the favorite this time.

The jockey Ahmet Çelik, winner of the Gazi Race for the last 5 years, will try to clinch his 94th place with one of the favorites of the race, named “Call to Victory”.

Highlighting that the race will be without spectators due to the epidemic, Çelik said: “There will be a bit of sadness, but the excitement of the Gazi Race is different. We are looking forward to it right now. There are 15 horses entered this There will be fewer horses than in previous years I have ridden place horses before, this year I will race my favorite horse expressed an opinion.

Noting that the Gazi Race has never been easy, Çelik continued his remarks as follows:

“Sometimes when you race with 5 horses you will have difficulty. When you land well with 22 horses, it may not be a problem when luck is on your side. The horse has its own style. Our horse is the horse who can do any style right now. We have 3-4 serious rivals. The whole race is more important. “The big rival will not be on the day of the lesson. The 2,400 meter race will be attended by high quality athletes. It’s the favourite, there’s no surprise. We have a head start in terms of power and quality, but it’s all destiny.”

Referring to the importance of the Gazi Race, Çelik said: “In the Gazi Race, the only goal of Turkish equestrianism and the people who do this work is not to race, but to participate is a great pride. .When you participate and win, you write your name in history.As long as there is a horse race, its name is forever golden because “this horse has won”.It is written in the story with letters. I won 5 times in a row, which won’t happen to anyone. I’m very happy because of that. he said.

Ayhan Kurşun, one of the jockeys who will take part in the race, said that he was 30 years old and had participated in the Gazi Race for 10 years.

Stating that it is a great excitement for everyone to participate in the Gazi Race, Kurşun said: “We have a big favourite. Ahmet Çelik has won for 5 consecutive years. He is a horse that has an 80% chance this year. “We will look for our chances. I also trust my horse. Of course, I don’t know what the conditions will be on the track. My horse likes the slightly softer track. It’s a great feeling to win, I haven’t won yet, it will be good if we win.”

Explaining that the absence of spectators in the race made him sad, Kurşun said: “The spectator is the color of this place. It’s very nice for them to shout and cheer in the paddock. There will be a buzz in the last 200 meters of the race, that’s not going to happen.” won his statements.

Former jockey Süleyman Akdı: Last days for dreams

Süleyman Akdı, one of the important names in horse racing and who raced from 1960s to 2008, said the Gazi Race was a big dream for everyone.

Emphasizing that horse owners dream big after foals turn 2 years old, Akdı said, “The dreams of ‘I win any horse I ride’ start for jockeys, and those are the last days for dreams.” made his assessment.

Highlighting that Ahmet Çelik is one of the favourites, Akdı said: “He won five times, it’s a huge record that can’t be broken. There’s no reason not to have a sixth. .The horse he will be riding has outstripped other horses since he was 2 years old.” used the sentences.

Explaining that he was specially prepared for the Gazi Race when he competed, Akdı continued his remarks as follows:

“I was training a week, ten days ago in this kind of races. In the last 48 hours, it was easy, it was spicy, it was fried, it does not exist. Hot drinks and gasses disrupt the jockey’s nervous system. I was eating boiled, broiled. I was doing extra workouts. I was running the field.”

Explaining that he has always participated in the Gazi Race except during his military service, Akdı said: “I was in Germany once. After the race there, I had to catch the Gazi Race. I rode in the plane with a jockey dress. I changed my clothes on the plane. I arrived first in the race. The officials of the racecourse in Germany, they made the plane wait for half an hour. ” he said.

Commentators are also looking forward to the race.

Commentator Gökhan Gül, one of the former jockeys who participated in the Gazi Race, said that this organization is very special for everyone and said: “I am a member of a family that has been riding for 120 years old. I have participated in the Gazi Race 7-8 times. It is a very special race. His horse is in the Gazi Race. “It is a great success to bring him in and register him. It’s every horse owner’s dream to participate.”

Stressing that not all horses can participate in the race, Gül said, “Horses with some success can participate. In the Gazi race, I participated for the first time, when you were driving a truck and your car was shaking, or when the horse named ‘George Thomas’ in that race passed me in the last 800 meters, I had that feeling.” used the sentences.

Commentator Atahan Zilcioğlu also explained that the Gazi Race has special significance and said:

“The races held in the name of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk are of particular significance. It is a race that began in his health and continued uninterrupted. The adventure of 2,500, almost 3,000 horsepower , which started in the womb, resulted in 15 horsepower, and it had been running full throttle for 25 years, and the numbers have gone down.

Sharing his race prediction, Zilcioğlu said: “There is Ahmet Çelik, the champion of the last 5 years. He is a big favourite. He has a rival like ‘Vernazza’. He rides a master like Halis Karataş. There has a horse like ‘Powerman’ who has become one of the favorites in 45 days ‘Lord of Game’, ‘Think Kingsman will be lucky if he recovers Surprise came first in last race “There will be a race with fewer horses, but the excitement will be felt again,” he said.

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