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As you know, we are in the season where kittens are swarming around us and home search ads are constantly popping up. I’ve always thought about this: Do cats who are separated from each other as kittens recognize or feel that separation when they see their siblings later? I have done some research, allow me to present my compilation to your attention.


The kittens knew each other when they grew up together. But when they were separated for a while and reunited, they may have forgotten each other.

The brothers learned to hunt and play from each other. That’s why we saw kittens struggling all the time.

Cats do not form lifelong bonds with their siblings. A cat reaches its social maturity between 18 months and 4 years. Therefore, the puppies separated at the beginning of the period forget each other in a short time, unfortunately.

It’s essential: early communication of kittens with each other and with their mother is essential to the development of their abilities, social skills and personality. When kittens are weaned at 8 weeks and begin feeding on their own, conditions are not conducive to separation from their mother. Puppies should not be separated before 12 weeks.


Puppies separated from their mother too early may have difficulty adopting appropriate behavior. Negative conditions such as anxiety, irritability, temperament problems and slow learning can develop.

The most important detail when adopting a kitten: bringing together two siblings at home. While facilitating their adaptation, the most important thing is that they do not feel alone for life.

When you say #purchase, keep these items in mind.


It’s frustrating not being able to reach the point you want in FUNDAMENTAL rights. The long-awaited Animal Rights Act has finally passed Parliament, but it is clear from the reactions that this is not a situation that satisfies the public conscience.

The expectation of regulations on animal abuse such as sexual assault, dog fighting, dolphin parks and zoos, or the demand for a law that “truly” includes imprisonment for crimes committed has was in vain. Instead of waiting to protect animal rights with laws, I think it’s a more realistic, albeit more difficult, way to instill a love of animals in people. You know, nothing is ever easy in our country.


I hope that the accommodation requested by animal rights activists will be made at the earliest opportunity.


When we closed the house with the CORONAVIRUS epidemic, we were consoled by the news that the animals in the shelters were adopted all over the world. So those confined to their homes found companions, and those cats and dogs found peace. When normalization began after the vaccine, it became feared. The initial data comes from California. Many Los Angeles shelters are already full. The saddest thing is that 1.5 million animals, nearly half of which are dogs, are put to sleep each year in shelters in the United States. The number of dogs saved through adoption is 1,000. I hope this bad trend will not spread to our country.

Do siblings recognize each other years later?



REMEMBER, there have been issues with cats and dogs potentially infecting COVID-19 due to fake news. However, research shows that cats and dogs cannot infect humans, but cats and dogs can contract COVID-19 from humans. According to research from the University of Guelph in Canada, two-thirds of cats and 40% of dogs that participated in the study were infected with COVID-19 from their owners. In short, if you have the coronavirus, socially distance your cat and your dog, protect them in this way.

Do siblings recognize each other years later?


Let me make an exception after the email from our reader Naz Mina from ISTANBUL. These three gorgeous beauties are looking for a home. All females, 4 months old. Everything in Istanbul. You can apply to him on Instagram:
Being a home for a cat or a dog is a wonderful thing.


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