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Our sports master, the late Selim Sırrı Tarcan, declares;

“The child laughs, shouts, jumps, has fun and acquires habits.

The game is the order of health and happiness. The child deprived of play withers and withers like a flower deprived of water.

“Our goal is to raise a virtuous and strong generation whose abilities have increased and improved in physical training as well as in intellectual training…” ATATÜRK

During the preparation for the War of Independence, Mustafa Kemal’s point of view;

“Idiots think they will be saved by leaving their homeland to the American Mandate, to the British Protectorate.

They are sacrificing a homeland and the Turkish independence that has continued throughout history in order to ensure their own comfort…”


In our geography where the winds of war blow;

In these days when the enemies of peace, tranquility, solidarity, production, wealth and humanity are transformed into storms of war;

Those who support those who offer war as salvation must know that they must not forget that they dug the grave of peace, comfort and tranquility. Children cry the same way wherever they are in the world. War brings death and cruelty to children. War in their games, death in their minds.

In war games, humiliating behavior patterns such as trickery, deception, deceit, and superiority dominate. The time of hunger and poverty is the time of war. Let those who understand my words explain to those who do not understand.

War is a mill that grinds people. The result is a world alien to human beings, who practice bloodshed, hatred, anger, poverty, tears, opportunism, impudence, arrogance, occupation, tyranny, burning, the destruction and destruction of all human values ​​in the name of defense.

It is used to enslave people as well as seize resources above and below ground. Arms traffickers add new assets to their assets, they live their poor countries by sucking their blood.

They cannot fatten without exploiting.

When randomly watching children’s games and cartoons in the virtual world; I can’t see the touching scenes. We see that the hit-and-run, kill, burn, wreck, and destroy behaviors are fictional.

The price of peace is war. Those who have not known the pain of war cannot grasp the meaning and importance of peace. The most beautiful aspect of peace lies in peace, security and prosperity; By adding assets to its existence, with the support of productive and hardworking people, it serves to train future architects, engineers and scientists in scientific approaches.

Children and young people pay the price for the poverty created by war.

Children who cannot eat in an adequate and healthy way find it difficult to understand what is happening… It is difficult for young people who cannot grasp the meaning and importance of daily events and happenings at home, at school and in their country, to know who and what to believe and trust.

Young people, who have difficulty in making knowledge, skill and thinking, researching, experiencing and observing on the basis of national education, become hesitant and cowardly in the agile practical behavior of their bodies.

Our independence anthem begins by saying “FEAR NOT! ..” The child, who is afraid of play, is cold to play, shy, experiences the shyness of rabbits and frogs. The discouraged person becomes a prisoner of fear.

When the behavior assessment techniques of education and training and the behavior assessments of sports life do not complement each other, the desired goals cannot be achieved. A society by rote is formed following an education by rote. He can only repeat what is whispered in his ear. The parrot creates a society.

The company, which grows with the knowledge and know-how acquired by doing and living, has no difficulty in adapting to new time zones.

In a peaceful society free from the fears of war; happy families grow into happy families, happy successful children grow out of happy families. Happy children create happy young people, happy young people create happy families.

When we read and learn the negative examples we receive daily from visual and print media; In these living conditions, it would be pointless to speak of the happiness of people, young people, children, who live in the anguish of food, housing and finding work.

In official speeches, the society’s happiness quotient is remarkable. In the picture, everyone is happy, in a happy happy format.

When we look at the layers of social life; Everyone suffers every day. A solution must be found for those who lose profits, goods, from day to day, their youth, their salary.

At this rate, the innkeeper is drunk, the passenger is drunk, everyone and everything is fine *I STOP*. Let’s go to work, let’s not chat… A game within the game, what are we going to do for those who don’t know how to play?

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