Cat food and best cat treats

There is no doubt that your cat brings a lot of joy and happiness into your life, so you can give him a tasty treat once in a while. From small bits of meat to milk, there are plenty of things you can give your pet to keep them well behaved or just to show them you love them. Giving your cat treats can be great for maintaining friendship and works well when training cats. However, the amount and timing can be difficult to manage, and issues such as drug addiction and obesity treatment can become serious problems. In this article, we’ll answer the questions that come to mind when giving your cat treats and give you tips on healthy foods and eating habits.

What are cat treats? How should it be fed?

Giving your cat too much food can be bad for her health. That’s why it’s important to make the distinction between developing a loving bond with your pet and constantly feeding it. Knowing the dose of the quantity is the most important step when giving treats to your cat. Treats should only be 5-10% of your cat’s daily caloric intake. This will depend on your cat’s age, breed, health and physical condition. For example, very active and healthy kittens may receive more rewards than less active older cats. Usually, store-bought cat treats will have service recommendations. You can find out exactly how many calories your cat needs based on weight, health, and breed by consulting a veterinarian.

It’s a great feeling to give your cat a treat and see their eyes light up when they shake the bag, but you can add games to the mix and make treat time even more exciting and fun for you. of them. Reward foods should be given to reward a behavior and the amount should be moderate. For example, try putting a prize on the end of a piece of string to play with, or tie a toy with a prize to the end, and let your cat chase you to catch it. You can also engage in simple hide-and-seek games using treats or even catch your cat if he wants to play. Using their favorite foods will increase the likelihood that your cat will play with you, which is very important for keeping them alert and happy while also being great fun for you.

Gimcat Sticks Grain Free Meat Sticks

GimCat Sticks are a fun chewable snack with delicious poultry suitable for all cats. They are semi-moist and therefore particularly soft, which means that these bars are ideal for older cats who find it difficult to chew harder snacks. It can easily be cut into small pieces so you can always give your cat the right portion. Lightweight holes in each bar make this even easier. The sticks contain 90% meat and no grain or coloring. It also contains taurine, which is essential for cats to maintain good vision and heart function. You can click here to view or buy the product.

User comments: My cats love these sticks. When they hear the sound of packaging, they appear out of nowhere in the house. We also use it as a reward food to have a positive effect on the adaptation process of the new cat.

Dreamies Beef and Cheese Cat Treat

It is both a good chewing exercise and a very healthy snack since it contains only 2 calories per piece, with its crispy exterior and chewy filling structure. The Dreamies Beef and Cheese Cat Treat, which consists of small filled crispy particles that cats love, is a very suitable food for games. We can say that it is the simplest in terms of accessibility. It’s even in the markets. Cats consume this food without separating it. It also contains very favorable components. If your budget is not enough for high-priced treats, you can safely choose this food if you have more than one cat. You can click here to view or buy the product.

User Comment: Mix the flavors well. We are satisfied with a snack that cats love.

Gimcat Nutripockets Cat Award

GimCat Nutri Pockets Sensitive are crispy grain-free biscuits that are also crispy on the outside and have a delicious filling. Biotin and zinc; it helps fur look shiny, skin soft and claws look strong. The grain-free formula is specially designed for food-conscious cats. It does not contain added sugar. You can click here to view or buy the product.

User Comment: Incredibly spoiled place for our daughter. Wet dry food, meat, chicken, fish, eggs… Everything we give smells first, goes away, then comes and takes 2 bites and goes again. But when he sees this, the cat gets really dizzy. How does it taste now?

Wanpy Mixed Cream Cat Treats

Not all cats can afford crunchy snacks. There may be health issues, he may have lost a tooth or it may be a small baby with very sensitive teeth. There are Wanpy cream cat rewards for this. A product that you can offer your cat fresh in small packages. It contains vitamins A, D, E, K and B. Lots of cats love it. This package consists of different flavors. This way you can also test the flavors that your cat likes the most. You can click here to view or buy the product.

User comments: I bought it for a change, but I didn’t expect them to like it so much. I have three cats who rightly don’t like being in the box before vet visits, they always bicker with me. When I enter the cage a bit, they come running and come in. I am relieved. Our vet also said he fed them during the exam and they weren’t feeling grumpy.

GimCat Pudding

If you want liquid treats but want a little affordable, GimCat Pudding is for you. A taste that your cat will love thanks to its high calcium content. We all know that there is no need to discuss the quality of GimCat. Indeed, there are products that offer high performance for their price. With a formulation that is packed with vitamins and minerals, you can both keep your cat happy and supportive. You can click here to view or buy the product.

User Comment: My cat loves to eat it, I take it when it’s finished. I only feed them by cutting their nails. He does not predict otherwise.

Beaphar Roulettes Cheese Cat Award

The Beaphar cheese balls look really delicious. We all know that cats have a passion for cheese, but giving it to them is not healthy. Because cheese contains a lot of salt, it is not good for cats. These cheese balls are a great treat that will satisfy your cat’s craving for cheese while not harming your cat’s health thanks to reduced salt content! There are 80 cheese balls in the Beaphar Treat Pack. In terms of price, it has the same price as other foods. You can click here to view or buy the product.

Trixie Cat Play And Prize Ball

If you really want to understand the concept of giving your cat treats, you should get one of these balls. With games, cats become more excited and happy. A game, the food it collects at the end of the race is very precious to it. You can also try to train your cat with the game’s reward logic. You can click here to view or buy the product.

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