6 Quick Facts About Pit Bulls

In this time when animal attacks are again on the agenda, the subject may come from Pitbull dogs, which have become famous for their aggressiveness. Pitbull attacks, both in many parts of the world and on different dates in our country, bring a “perception of fear” towards this breed.

Do these dogs, which became fearful again with the incident in Izmir and Kırşehir in the fall of last year, have innate aggressive genes or, like those that constitute the other side of the debate, are they the reason for these attacks? Perhaps we need explanations that reveal a third possibility…

1. Pitbull dogs were produced and didn’t exist until the 19th century

Yes, a production was made after someone came to mind, and the breed, which is the subject of this article, entered our lives. These friends, known as the American Pitbull Terrier and called Pitbull for short, are included in the American Staffordshire Bullterrier type, which originated from the breeding of Bulldog and different types of Terriers in the 19th century. This guy has been played and his skull and jaw have been strengthened by increasing his weight. pitbull. Thus, the American Staffordshire was produced.

2. Small but mighty

These little stepbrothers (not even a sign of insult here) are very muscular, but rather strong in addition to having a stocky, stocky appearance. Pitbull dogs are famous for their jaws because if they break what they are holding (for example, a target hanging from a tree or a post), they don’t think about letting go. Its durability is high. Our friends, who have an inescapable structure with the strong skull; The structure of the forehead reveals typical features with his neck.
It is claimed that he is prone to attacks. Perhaps their ears and tails, which were cut off to prevent damage during a “snatch”, pushed them towards her. Say what?
Although they show an independent character in taking command and a defensive approach, their training is not as easy as in some other breeds. This part carries a reality and points to a really tiring process.

3. It’s forbidden in Turkey

Considering the general difficulties and failures of parents in raising their children, success cannot be expected from everyone who breeds Pitbulls: For this reason, it is forbidden to breed and breed dogs of this breed in our country. There were pet owners who were fined in this regard, as well as references to the relevant law for a short time. In our country, where the law works perfectly, there is an instruction to report Pitbull breeding in this law. Once there was an easy way to fix the problem by taking further action, it was easy to fix the problem.

4. Pitbull will attack if scared

Veterinarian named Sean Wensley, who is an expert on the subject, speaking on a BBC report, finds that dogs become aggressive when they feel threatened. Because, like other animals and even humans who feel threatened, they can attack in order to activate their defense mechanism when they sense danger. The veterinarian, who is the owner of this known but unspoken comment, continues his words; “There is a misconception that a biting dog is aggressive… But a lot of dogs bite out of fear. Others declare their territory (if they protect something that is dear to them, or their favorite resting place, their bed…).
Adding that people with more than one dog should definitely monitor their dogs’ behavior towards each other, Wensley said: “If there is a competitive attitude between them, it can lead to aggressive attitudes between them, which can turn against their owners.”

5. The truth is

Reproductive and feeding issues that we don’t know about can shape what dogs do. If being a parent is of vital importance in terms of individual and public health, the relevant centers of authority should take on much more responsibility. Otherwise, we would want to protect the animals in this vicious debate on the one hand, and we would destroy them by anesthetizing them, on the other hand. The solution is always another spring.

6. Pitbull’s presence on social networks and publications that show the opposite of what we believe

Pitbull “killer” dogs do not look like killers in photos and videos shared by Pitbull owners on various social media channels. In these images, Pitbull, who sometimes shows his penchant for comfort, sometimes poses with the clothes he wears. These friends of ours, who sometimes seem to be with the children, show so well that the problem is not related to them…

Here are some of those images:

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