12 interesting facts about the Godfather series

The Godfather series, almost every line and scene of which is etched in our minds, is a trilogy that hasn’t aged for years. A lot of interesting information later appeared on the series in which we travel through the dramatic life of the Corleone family. We share with you the unknown details about The Godfather series.

The Godfather Although the series was shot with great difficulty and studio restrictions, it managed to become one of the most memorable film series in cinematic history. Director Ford CoppolaThe long wars with Paramount, the film’s production studio, paid off when the films were released.

Just like in the film, there were many intrigues during the filming of the three films, which lasted for years. The studio slashed the budget, actors walked off set, fights broke out, and even Coppola was about to be fired. However, he still wrote the book from which the films were adapted and the scripts for the series. Mario Puzo and Coppola’s efforts resulted in excellent films. In this content The Godfather series We are compiling interesting information about you.

The Godfather wasn’t really a series, it was just going to be a low-budget gangster movie:

Before Francis Ford Coppola took over as director of The Godfather, the film’s director Sergio Leone was planned. At the same time, Mario Puzo had already completed a screenplay for Sergio Leone. Sergio Leone, the essential director of low-budget spaghetti westerns, gave up directing because he didn’t want to legitimize the mafia and didn’t really like the script. If Sergio Leone had taken the job, Papa would have been a low-budget mafia movie with a story like that, focusing only on brutality. Luckily, Sergio Leone didn’t take the job.

Director Francis Ford Coppola was about to be fired:

Godfather of Francis Ford Coppola

Segio Leone was not the first director to refuse to shoot The Godfather. Famous directors of the time, such as Elia Kazan, Arthur Penn and Richard Brooks, also refused to shoot this film. This is why Paramount finally reluctantly accepted Coppola. After Coppola started filming, the studio didn’t like any of the scenes the director shot, because instead of making a simple, gory mob movie; rich dialogues and philosophy deep period film was shooting.

Paramount Pictures, which had repeatedly warned Coppola that such a film would not sell, even began bringing different directors onto the set. But when Coppola filmed the scene where Michael killed Sollozzo and McCluskey at the restaurant, the studio decided to let Coppola go his own way.

Meals were held in which the actors continued the role:

godfather of coppola

One of the things we love most about The Godfather series in general is that the Corleone family is truly “non-fictional”.like family“You could say it feels. The family dinners organized by the director Coppola are at the origin of this success. Coppola, who often gathered all the actors for dinner, forbade the actors to leave their roles until the meal was over.

Lenny Montana, who played Luca Brasi in the first film, was a real criminal before becoming an actor:

lenny montana colombo

The huge and scary shooter from the first movie Luca Brasione of the most popular characters. The main reason actor Lenny Montana played the role so successfully is that he was one of the five most famous mob families in New York before his acting career. Colombo crime family for triggering.

Also a professional wrestler, Montana was particularly good at arson. Montana’s best-known method was to tie a kerosene-soaked swab to the mice’s tails and leave them inside the house they wanted to swaddle. After being imprisoned on Rikers Island for a time, Montana later became bodyguard to many mob bosses and met director Coppola around this time.

Marlon Brando used cheat cards because he forgot his lines:

marlon brando godfather set

We agree that Marlon Brando is a great actor, but the methods he uses on set are rather strange. Copy maps, which is one of these methods, Marlon Brando It was used in several of his films. Because of these cheat cards, Brando, who is believed to be unenthusiastic and dislikes memorizing the script, says that these cards allow him to be more free while acting and to improvise more easily. Copy cards placed in almost every invisible place in the set were sometimes even stuck on other players.

Robert De Niro originally applied for the role of Sonny:

He was still at the start of his career when the first film The Godfather was made. robert deniro, had applied to play the role of Sonny in the first film. But for the role of Sonny, Coppola cast James Caan, with whom he had worked in his previous film. Coppola, who liked Robert De Niro’s audition performance, offered him the role of Pauile. De Niro, who rejected this small role because he would star in another film, was then called back to play the youth of Don Corleone in the second film, and he received his first Oscar for this role.

The famous horse head used in the first film was real:

godfather jack woltz

Legend in the first film Jack Woltz Many of us thought the horse head used in the scene was fake. But after the crew couldn’t make a realistic head, Coppola decided to use a real horse’s head. Following the event, which raised animal rights activists, Coppola said in a statement; He said the horse’s head was bought from a dog food company that sleeps nearly 200 horses a day, and those who reacted were hypocrites.

Robert De Niro only spoke 8 words of English throughout The Godfather Part II:

the godfather of robert de niro

The first half of the second film introduces Don Corleone’s youth. In this section, which includes the events that are mentioned a lot in the book, Vito, who has just immigrated to the United States and has not yet received the nickname Don; Of course, he didn’t know any English at all. So for months Sicilian dialect Robert De Niro, who worked on the subject, lived for some time in Sicily during this period.

Al Pacino asked for $7 million for The Godfather Part III, but didn’t get what he wanted:

al pacino godfather 3

After the first two films, Coppola reassembled the team after Paramount asked for a third film and offered Al Pacino a $5 million offer to star in the film. Stating he couldn’t play for $5 million, Al Pacino demanded $7 million. But after Coppola said we were going to start the third movie with your funeral, Al Pacino agreed to star for $5 million.

Rebecca Schaeffer, who was cast as Mary Corleone, was killed shortly before filming began:

Rebecca Schaeffer

Without a doubt, one of the most tragic events that marked the shooting of the third film. Rebecca SchaefferThe murder of has happened. Rebecca Schaeffer, who was part of the team as Mary Corleone, the daughter of Michael Corleone, is a “fanHe was shot in his own home by”. After Rebecca Schaeffer, she signed up for the same role winona ryder When she left the film on the first day of filming to star in Scissor Hands with then-boyfriend Johnny Depp, Mary Corleone was cast as Coppola’s daughter. Sophie Coppola play.

The Vatican did not allow The Godfather III to be filmed in the Vatican or even allow the crew to enter the city:

the godfather series

Revolving around the real estate frauds of the Vatican Bank for a period and Murder of Pope John Pual I Also referencing the events of The Godfather Part III, it featured many scenes originally set in the Vatican. However, the Church forbade this film to be shot in the Vatican and even banned the plant from entering the Vatican. As a result, the Vatican scenes were shot on sets set up in certain streets of Rome.

The Godfather Part IV, whose players were even ready, was canceled due to the death of writer Mario Puzo:

mario puzo

He appeared as Vincent in the last film. Andy Garciaannounced that Coppola was planning a fourth The Godfather film and that it would have a double story, just like the second film of this film. In this film, Vincent would take over the family, as Michael had done before, and usher the family into the new era. At the same time, as in the second film, we would look at Sonny’s youth with flashback scenes this time. This film was canceled due to the death of Mario Puzo, who wrote both the book and the scripts for the films. If the movie had been made, it would have destroyed Sonny’s youth. Leonardo DiCaprio would like to play.


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The Godfather series It consists of three very detailed and deep films shot over many years. For this reason, there is a lot more information about the series than we can fit into a single title. You can also share with us the events and information you hear about the Baba series and find interesting in the comments section.

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